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Internet radio is fairly common place these days, living in the UK I tend to listen to the offering from the BBC via the iPlayer (the radio service is free world-wide) I’m a bit of a sucker for Fearne Cotton :) That said it can be often be nice to have a virtual radio station […]



When I first looked at this plugin, I was more than just a little confused. Have you ever found yourself channel hopping for the sake of channel hopping, you can’t really decide what to watch? Jason Anderson felt that way, and produced PseudoTV, by cleverly collating similar genre’s of content together to produce a dynamic […]

TED Talks


I love watching TED talks, if  you’ve never heard of them they are short (usually around 20 minute) discussions on the latest thinking from the intellectual community, they are all free and very fascinating, the one video add-on I often install when I am first setting up XBMC install. If you ever have a few minute’s on your […]

I hate telling people bad news, at least this news isn’t that bad. Due to a longer than expected problem with the injection molding for the RF dongle, the Nyxboard Hybrid ship date has slipped slightly and our first run hasn’t yet finished being built, it’s not a big delay, our best guess is around […]

We just noticed that we have been advertising the wrong dimensions for the Nyxboard Hybrid remote on our store page. The original advertised dimensions were 197x59x26mm this actually was for the box that the remote is shipped in. The actual remote dimensions are now on the site which are 144x48x21mm which is a much more manageable size I think […]



XBMC has many skins, made by a variety of different talents, each with their own style. Stephen Paul is very into clean and striking designs, Night is just that, the font’s and imagery used are both clean and striking at the same time. This very thin font style is becoming more and more popular with […]

As we move closer to the release of the Nyxboard Hybrid, we can start to reveal some of the extra features that you will find. One of our favourites is the auto search feature. If you’re in a screen where its possible to perform a search, for instance the movie selection screen, simply flip the […]

Access to live streams is always a powerful draw for me to various the add-ons in XBMC, sites like TED talks and YouTube are an immediate draw to me when I demo XBMC to new users. Al-Jazeera is one of those add-ons I had expected to see for a long time. Jonathan Beluch once again stepped up to the […]



Ronald “Ronie” Asselman, the creator of Transparency recently joined the XBMC Development Team, and in my opinion I think about time. He is an active member of the community producing some excellent additions to XBMC. Some of the best parts are his Weather, video and music fanart packs. The Video fanart pack, includes promo image […]

If you love StarCraft then you need to check this video blog out, don’t get me wrong, this is for the hardcore player’s and those learning to improve their play. XBMC has support to play these back thanks to an addon by Kristoffer Petersson an update is on the way for both Dharma and Eden […]


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