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Team XBMC posted on Facebook a really cool demonstration which highlights the power of our USB – CEC Adapter, there is a really interesting blog post about the full set up for those interested in replicating this demonstration  

With XBMC 12 (Frodo) now out and available, we have improved our direct integration with the official releases, libCEC 2.0.4 is provided as standard as part of the compiled binaries and will give you wide range support for your CEC enabled TV and Amplifier. We are currently busily working behind the scenes developing new features […]

Engineers at Endpoint trialled our USB-CEC Adapters to ensure their Liquid Galaxy installations are always displaying the right content, now they are driving many of the world’s Liquid Galaxy installs. Matt Vollrath from End Point explains how they are using our adapters, libCEC and our cec-client to ensure they are controlling their installations in their […]

libCEC 2.0 has been released this week! This version of libCEC includes support for the Solid-Run CuBox (TDA995x) device, written by GitHub user warped-rudi. Another highlight of this release is that it includes the latest Beta3 version of the libCEC Tray Application, which you can use to control Windows Media Center via CEC. libCEC Tray […]

Another update of our libCEC library has just been released. The focus for this development cycle was a problem with the wake-on-CEC feature on systems without any keyboard attached. A bug in the operating system prevented the system from waking from standby mode when it wasn’t signaled to do so by a keyboard or mouse. […]

Another update of libCEC has just been released. You can download or upgrade your copy from This release fixes a couple of issues that were reported after the previous release: wake from S3 sometimes didn’t work when used with certain brands some buttons weren’t activated when switching to another source and switching back to […]

Version 1.8.0 of the libCEC library is now available on our packages site, We’ve also released a new revision of the v2 firmware for the adapter. This new libCEC release and firmware fix an issue with the wake-over-CEC feature on certain systems. We’ve also improved compatibility with CEC v1.4 devices, bumped the CEC version […]


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