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XBMC-PVR update


Two weeks have passed since the last update, so it’s time for a new update and “pvr-ppa” build. The most important update is that we’ve moved away from the Ubuntu PPA to our own servers. As a result of this, your previous XBMC-PVR won’t be upgraded until you follow the instructions below. New package location […]

Things have been busy over the last couple of weeks with various addons, The starcraft addon we reviewed earlier _broke_ and has since been fixed, so if you read our intro to Day9 and found it not to work, fear not it should be working again! Jingai has updated his iPhoto addon which allows iPhoto […]

I noticed this hit the mailing list a few days ago and was eager to see it added to the repository. WhatTheMovie is a web-based game using snap shots of all sorts of movies. The idea is simple, look at a single shot and name the movie against the IMDB original title.   There are over 140,000 […]



America has a lot of worldwide syndicated shows that obviously air first in the US. Access to these shows is available through various means, but often keeping track of the US TV schedule outside of the US can be tricky. TVRage is a website that has listings for all the latest TV shows when they […]



Internet radio is fairly common place these days, living in the UK I tend to listen to the offering from the BBC via the iPlayer (the radio service is free world-wide) I’m a bit of a sucker for Fearne Cotton :) That said it can be often be nice to have a virtual radio station […]



When I first looked at this plugin, I was more than just a little confused. Have you ever found yourself channel hopping for the sake of channel hopping, you can’t really decide what to watch? Jason Anderson felt that way, and produced PseudoTV, by cleverly collating similar genre’s of content together to produce a dynamic […]

TED Talks


I love watching TED talks, if  you’ve never heard of them they are short (usually around 20 minute) discussions on the latest thinking from the intellectual community, they are all free and very fascinating, the one video add-on I often install when I am first setting up XBMC install. If you ever have a few minute’s on your […]

Access to live streams is always a powerful draw for me to various the add-ons in XBMC, sites like TED talks and YouTube are an immediate draw to me when I demo XBMC to new users. Al-Jazeera is one of those add-ons I had expected to see for a long time. Jonathan Beluch once again stepped up to the […]

If you love StarCraft then you need to check this video blog out, don’t get me wrong, this is for the hardcore player’s and those learning to improve their play. XBMC has support to play these back thanks to an addon by Kristoffer Petersson an update is on the way for both Dharma and Eden […]

Classic Cinema


Do you like classic cinema? Those silent movies, or classic romantic movie’s with some of the all-time greats? is a website devoted to these old greats and is fairly easy to navigate with a wonderful back catalogue, what’s better is you can now get them in XBMC. The movie quality is what you might expect, don’t […]


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