Team XBMC posted on Facebook a really cool demonstration which highlights the power of our USB – CEC Adapter, there is a really interesting blog post about the full set up for those interested in replicating this demonstration


Being based in the UK brings lots of benefits, but not for our US customers who unfortunately get lumbered with higher than desirable shipping fees, to combat this, we’ve teamed up with to offer our USB-CEC Adapter direct in the US, if you use Super Saver Shipping it’s FREE! Please let us know how you find this service and we will look at introducing more of our products to the marketplace. You can pick up one of our adapters by following this link

With XBMC 12 (Frodo) now out and available, we have improved our direct integration with the official releases, libCEC 2.0.4 is provided as standard as part of the compiled binaries and will give you wide range support for your CEC enabled TV and Amplifier. We are currently busily working behind the scenes developing new features and integrating libCEC into our new TVonics range of set top boxes, we hope to have these available within the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who has provided bug reporting feedback to libCEC and continues to do so, we take on board all of the reports and have integrated fixes into our next build due out soon.

Merry Christmas


With the holidays fast approaching, everyone here at Pulse-Eight would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are closed this year from the 22nd of December until the 2nd of January 2013, during this time we will still be taking online orders however any order will not be dispatched until January 2nd 2013

Additionally any support queries received during this period may not be answered or resolved until the new year. Our online forums are still available and we will monitor them throughout the festive period.

Best wishes from everyone at  Pulse-Eight

Engineers at Endpoint trialled our USB-CEC Adapters to ensure their Liquid Galaxy installations are always displaying the right content, now they are driving many of the world’s Liquid Galaxy installs. Matt Vollrath from End Point explains how they are using our adapters, libCEC and our cec-client to ensure they are controlling their installations in their latest blog post.

We always enjoy hearing about novel ways our products are being used, if you have an interesting application, let us know by e-mailing us

Between now at the end of November you can pick up our PulseBox Barebone chassis for £89.99 or £114.99 for the premium, build your own HTPC in time for Christmas with our barebones and take advantage of our tailored OpenELEC build called “Pulse

While you’re at it, why not complete the system and use our Bluetooth Micro Keyboard for just £19.99! and for a limited time our CEC Adapter is on sale at just £27.99

We have a limit stock available at this price so hurry, if you’re in the UK, shipping is free, or £7.99 if you order a PulseBox!

libCEC 2.0 has been released this week!

This version of libCEC includes support for the Solid-Run CuBox (TDA995x) device, written by GitHub user warped-rudi.

Another highlight of this release is that it includes the latest Beta3 version of the libCEC Tray Application, which you can use to control Windows Media Center via CEC. libCEC Tray replaces the CEC Configuration tool from earlier versions; all it’s functions have been ported to libCEC Tray.

We’ve removed all methods that have been marked as deprecated in the last couple of versions, and we’ve fixed to callback methods so they work properly with plain C again. This API change breaks backwards compatibility, which means that if you upgrade your libCEC installation to 2.0, then you must either install XBMC from our packages page, or use the latest nightly build of XBMC.

Another changes in this version can be found in the settings screen in XBMC (system -> input devices -> peripherals -> CEC adapter). The options have been simplified greatly, so they can be configured by all users without consulting the FAQ page first. E.g. you can now select the name of the device to which your adapter is connected, instead of writing a magic number in the input box.

libCEC’s initialisation and shut down times have been reduced greatly, and some bugs that were reported have been fixed. In case you encounter any issues with libCEC, feel free to create a bug report at our GitHub page, or send an email to

The full changelog can be found here.


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