DR.dk NU Addon moves to version 1.4 and is even ready for Eden


This is one of those addons that won’t appeal to everyone.  That’s because almost all of its content is in Danish. More so than the plugin what I want to give credit to is the DR.dk NU website, they stream their content what appears to be freely without restriction, including live playback of their channels.

I’m in the UK and I can watch this content, not only that the plugin works incredibly quick, playback is excellent and smooth on even relatively poor connections.

If your Danish, you probably already know about this addon and have it installed, but just incase you haven’t version 1.4 came out for Dharma and version 2.0 for Eden-pre (that’s for XBMCs latest pre-beta code) and well worth a download.

This addon is built by Tommy Winther and I am really pleased with the ease of use and simplicity of what this plugin does. Fair play.

© Copyright DR 2011


One Response to “DR.dk NU Addon moves to version 1.4 and is even ready for Eden”

  1. Using this plugin daily in the kitchen on an iPad. Big kudos to Tommy for creating and maintaining this.

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