SLik skin


Jezz_X is one of Team XBMC’s resident skinners. Confluence (the default user interface on XBMC) is largely built by him.

SLik is one of his other projects, it’s a clean skin which is easy to navigate but still very easy on the eye. Unlike Aeon which uses very striking backgrounds, SLik takes the opposite approach and provides a simple clean background that will work in most rooms (of course you can change this to whatever you like)

Now at version 1.10 the most recent changes include additional languages, so if your Finnish, German, Korean, Norwegian or Romanian you will have a rounded skin available to you in your native tongue.

SLik hasn’t yet been upgraded for Eden like some of the skins, but if your still using the latest stable release then its ready and waiting to be tried out. It’s one of our personal favourites here at Pulse-Eight



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