Day[9]TV, Starcraft and occasional Comedy


If you love StarCraft then you need to check this video blog out, don’t get me wrong, this is for the hardcore player’s and those learning to improve their play.

XBMC has support to play these back thanks to an addon by Kristoffer Petersson an update is on the way for both Dharma and Eden as have updated their website.

The commentary on these video’s is very interesting and I’ve got myself hooked for many an hour watching the replays. If you want to show someone how exciting StarCraft can be, it’s well worth showing people these videos.


2 Responses to “Day[9]TV, Starcraft and occasional Comedy”

  1. 1 Ph. Beckers

    Heh, well to be honest, the more I read and the more I hear from you guys, the more I have already planned to order a 2nd one already! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!

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