Ronald “Ronie” Asselman, the creator of Transparency recently joined the XBMC Development Team, and in my opinion I think about time. He is an active member of the community producing some excellent additions to XBMC.

Some of the best parts are his Weather, video and music fanart packs.

The Video fanart pack, includes promo image mash-ups for a wide range of categories, that add a little bit extra to your set up.

The weather fanart pack is by far my favourite, and includes a wide selection of shots for every type of weather condition. It’s a little larger at around 80mb but well worth the download.

All of these addon packs are designed to work inside Transparency the skin I’m featuring today, they may work in other skins and I will get back to you on that as I test them out.

Transparency is a skin that has been around for quite a while, we are now up to version 3.11.7 runs a dedicated sub forum for this skin and it already has a very strong following.

It’s quick, simple and easy to use, the movie contents are easily laid out and the navigation is easy to follow. It’s a fairly large download but a nice addition to your skin collection if you don’t already have it.


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  1. 1 Bawk

    I’ve used just about every skin out and no matter how great they are (and there are some great ones) I always end up back with T! . Ease of use, integration, and just all around great looks make it that way. I also could not agree more with your comments about Ronie. He’s always open to suggestions and quick to respond to issues. His addition to the XBMC Dev Community is definitely a huge Plus. Good job recognizing his efforts!

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