Searching with the Nyxboard Hybrid


As we move closer to the release of the Nyxboard Hybrid, we can start to reveal some of the extra features that you will find.

One of our favourites is the auto search feature. If you’re in a screen where its possible to perform a search, for instance the movie selection screen, simply flip the remote over to the Keyboard is facing you and the search window will appear, type what you’re looking for and then flip it back, the search window will close showing only the results you specified. No need to actually go hunting for the search/filter option or pressing any extra keys.

Let us know what you think!

Just a reminder, the first round of pre-orders sold out weeks ago, we are taking orders for the next batch which is due early July, get in quick as stock continues to be limited.


One Response to “Searching with the Nyxboard Hybrid”

  1. 1 Harry

    Sounds great, what else is in store……the wait is agonizing I need some new info to pass the time

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