XBMC has many skins, made by a variety of different talents, each with their own style. Stephen Paul is very into clean and striking designs, Night is just that, the font’s and imagery used are both clean and striking at the same time. This very thin font style is becoming more and more popular with designers, for example with the Windows Phone “Metro” layout and VLC with their use of the Raleway font.

I personally really enjoy the easy to navigate and read design that Night offers, the default imagery supplied is excellent as you no doubt have come to expect from all of XBMC’s skins.

There are a few things that bother me, a “Press down for Trailer” notice is incredibly hidden away on a very messy showcase layout. I often found myself tapping the down key and then finding the skin hangs (probably XBMCs fault) while it searches for and downloads the trailer from YouTube. What does everyone else find? If you use Night, what view style do you use?




3 Responses to “Night”

  1. 1 Harry

    Thanks, after reading this I went and tried Night, thought it was good but then had a play with Neon which gives a few little tweaks of night. I have now ditched aeon mq2 for neon and am so far very impressed. Thanks for inspiring me to try something else.

  2. Love this blog. Thanks for posting about this. Don’t you wish there were some video walkthroughs of each of the skins out there?

    • Right now we are really busy on launching the Nyxboard Hybrid and working on our next project, but as time allows I hope to get some video demo’s and some actual review style posts uploaded instead of these introduction posts

      Thanks for your support of the blog

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