Nyxboard Hybrid slightly delayed


I hate telling people bad news, at least this news isn’t that bad.

Due to a longer than expected problem with the injection molding for the RF dongle, the Nyxboard Hybrid ship date has slipped slightly and our first run hasn’t yet finished being built, it’s not a big delay, our best guess is around 10 days more until we get stock and can start shipping. Obviously this is a blow to those who have been waiting since we announced the remote, as such all those who have pre-ordered so far will be getting a little extra something in their delivery to say sorry and thank you for your patience.

If you have any problems, you can contact the team at support@pulse-eight.com and we will work to resolve your issues as best we can.


13 Responses to “Nyxboard Hybrid slightly delayed”

  1. How many made it in first shipment? My order number is 263.

  2. Around the first 100-150 orders will be shipped in the first batch, but the main order is close behind, don’t worry it won’t be long before yours is shipped!

  3. 3 J Deckard

    “as such all those who have pre-ordered so far”

    Just to clarify, that’s everyone who has pre ordered prior to the 25th June delay announcement, yes?

    (Rather than just that first batch of 100-150).

  4. Yes that’s correct.

  5. 5 Ph. Beckers

    Thanks for the info. I say I prefer a proper functional products rather then a fast and possible defective one. I waited quite a while now so a bit longer won’t make too much difference. So, I’m good, please keep us informed! 🙂

  6. Good call, it’s what we are trying to do, and why we are doing a small ‘test’ batch first to ensure that we have everything correct.

    There has been one last minute amendment, which I haven’t blogged about, we originally planned to have a red/blue toggle for the MC/TV button, however the voltage’s were giving us some problems, so we changed it to Red/Green, ironically there appears to be a regional shortage of this colour and that is what is holding up the remotes!

  7. 7 Ph. Beckers

    Thanks for the update.

  8. 8 blazin

    What’s the something extra that’s coming for us pre-order supporters?

  9. 9 pas

    yes…what a surprise if you tell us before!!

  10. 10 Phily

    Just received my remote and no sign of “little extra something” – did I get blanked or was this a joke?

  11. 13 Gary Chopyak

    What happened to the little extra something we were to get once the original pre-orders were shipped?

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