When I first looked at this plugin, I was more than just a little confused. Have you ever found yourself channel hopping for the sake of channel hopping, you can’t really decide what to watch? Jason Anderson felt that way, and produced PseudoTV, by cleverly collating similar genre’s of content together to produce a dynamic TV schedule that you can browse rewind, pause, play or just skip to another hour of TV completely making XBMC feel like it has TV support. It’s hard to fully explain exactly what this add-on is, and I suggest you try it for that Aha! moment.

All of your content is sorted and displayed in an EPG style format with the synopsis for each show. TV channels are created dynamically based on your content. (Although I’m not sure I would count Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Comedy however!)

If anything its a bit of fun, to while away a Sunday afternoon!


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  1. Is there anyway to run this or something like it without having a tv card i.e. using iptv ?

  2. PseudoTV isn’t using real TV stations, it’s generating fake TV channel’s using your existing media library.

    The XBMC Pvr branch does support IPTV I believe. Your best bet would be to visit their irc channel #xbmc and ask or their forums

  3. 3 Ph. Beckers

    Heh, nice idea. But if you wanna go all out, I suggest XBMC pvr with tvheadend & xmltv (easy way), or the more powerful but a bit more work including way is XBMC pvr + yavdr. In any case TV & XBMC is a very good combo. I run such a system, and yea… Just wait for the remote to make it even more great.

    • But I think the point is that this pretends to be live TV without *actually* being live TV – like creating your own private stations. I love the concept.

      • I’d go “all out” but I don’t have about $1k to put into a television.

        Why is there no $50 remote control dongle…THAT WORKS? Why must it be $150 for a Logitech, or roll-your-own?

        And I have THREE tv capture cards; all the classic design. Hauppage and WinTV and soforth, with and without stereo or FM radio. But XMBC doesn’t want to deal with those…instead, go get another $150 tuner/dvr kinda thing!

        I LOVE XBMC. And I love that it runs on Linux! I just wish someone would bridge these gaps one day.

      • Brian, check out our Nyxboard Hybrid, it’s probably the remote you are looking for!

  4. I tried this out thanks to your suggestion last night. I really enjoyed watching the “comedy channel” and having it mix up shows.

    I’ll have to play with it a lot more.

  5. I have wished for this exact plugin before; it looks fascinating, and I’m going to give it a shot the instant I get home! I hope you can tweak its categories so you can reclassify something, though (like moving the aforementioned Buffy into Sci-Fi).

    • 9 Jason102

      All shows are put into genres when they are scraped by XBMC, which is just what PseudoTV uses when channels are created. You can either change the genre that a show is in, or you can go all out and make a smart playlist that selects exactly what shows / movies you want on a channel.

  6. 10 Edward

    It’s like having your own tv station with channels defined by you! I have an American Dad channel, Looney tunes channel, Dual Survival channel etc. All the shows i want to watch, back to back, no commercials. Really gives the “feeling” of live tv…but better.

  7. I think it is cool. I made like 68 channels with channel logos. What I love is I watched movies and TV shows I may not have because it was listed in a channel. I also made 3 channels just to watch a show I have an House, Homicide life on the streets and The Walking Dead channels. That plays 24/7 in order and pauses when I turn the channel. This is the best add on ever.

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