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I’m sorry for the lack of updates regarding anyone’s pre-order those who have emailed in have received essentially the same response as what I’m going to write here. First off, don’t panic the remotes are still on the way! As many of you know, we got a small batch of remotes which got dispatched as […]

Here at Pulse-Eight we are really determined to provide the best possible HTPC solutions. With that in mind we can’t all just be about the hardware.   We have some of the best and brightest in the open source community working with us to produce the right software and hardware solutions and that doesn’t stop […]



Our CEC module is well on its way, we received our first PCB samples with test components on. We commissioned these so that our case manufacturer could begin tooling and start producing the cases for us, this process takes around 4 weeks so we’re glad to have this out the way sooner rather than later […]



Development on our USB – CEC Adaptor is well underway and we’ve received a large amount of pre-order email requests for the CEC adaptor making us look to revise our production figures. Firstly, if you are interested in this CEC Adaptor, or want to find out more, email us or write on our forums and […]

Things have been busy over the last couple of weeks with various addons, The starcraft addon we reviewed earlier _broke_ and has since been fixed, so if you read our intro to Day9 and found it not to work, fear not it should be working again! Jingai has updated his iPhoto addon which allows iPhoto […]

When we started offering the Nyxboard Hybrid for pre-order we had many customers asking if they can mount the RF dongle inside their case. Which you can, but gave us an idea, so we’ve started producing our own internal 4Pin USB to Type-A connector but instead of the startech variant of this product which is […]

I’ve teased about it for a few weeks now, but I’m going to tell our blog readers a little bit more about what we’re building.   We’re keen to create a unified ecosystem for HTPC, so that’s control, automation and interaction. Our first step was the remote control, our next project is to get your […]