Out of range?


Each remote is paired to a dongle that it is in range to, it then needs to be paired to the next one, i.e. you can’t have multiple remotes talking to the same dongle or a single remote talking to multiple dongles.

That said, if the remote losses its pairing or you go out of range, how do you know? Are the batteries on the blink or is something else wrong.

If the Nyxboard Hybrid is out of range or not paired, the MC/TV light will blink, twice, every 1 second to let you know.




2 Responses to “Out of range?”

  1. 1 Harry

    Nice……since there’s a delay feed us more info to pass the time…what else does it do……:)

  2. 2 pas

    How does the power button works?
    and IR programming?

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