Skin’s are the most striking part of XBMC, with many users spending months debating over which one they prefer. Boxee, one of the many products based at least in part on XBMC came up with their own style and take that a lot of their crowd enjoy.

Hitcher one of XBMC’s most talented Skinners lifted the design and brought it back to its roots, it’s been around for a while and has its own loyal following now as well. Named XeeBo (a reshuffle of the word Boxee) it is fast, well polished and easy to follow. Although through no fault of its creator it does fall into the category of being about “the now”, I generally use XBMC as a media store, and use it to retrieve content through my vast (ish) archive of movies and TV shows. XeeBo is very much about showing what you’ve just added and this works well if your always in front of the box watching new content day in day out and for that reason it’s probably those users who do, favour XeeBo over other skins.

For me, I’m a fan of those skin’s that are very minimalistic, hide away your content unless you want it and make you search through it, just so you can prove to your friends and family just how big an avid movie collector you are (read: Geek)

If your still trying to choose your skin to use in XBMC or perhaps you’re looking for a change XeeBo is definitely one you should review along that road.


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