WhatTheMovie – XBMC’s First Game add-on?


I noticed this hit the mailing list a few days ago and was eager to see it added to the repository. WhatTheMovie is a web-based game using snap shots of all sorts of movies. The idea is simple, look at a single shot and name the movie against the IMDB original title.


There are over 140,000 snapshots added by the players themselves. Built by sphere, skiller2k1 and tadi from the xbmc.org forums it looks like we have a party winner here, when you have friends over something to pass the time while waiting for a pizza or before you go out. There are all sorts of archive shots which have already been solved and plenty of unsolved snapshots for you to take a look at!

There is a full posting on the XBMC forums about the release and its current features, there is also a YouTube video showing what it’s like.

I’d be keen to find out what you think of this new addition to XBMC.


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