HTPC, yup we’ve got a new one on the way


If you wondered what happened to our originally advertised HTPC, essentially a week after we placed the order for the stock they replied saying they could not supply due to parts issues and refunded us our money. This obviously took us back quite a bit, since then we’ve been focused on replacing this so we can continue to offer a HTPC solution to our customers.

Coming soon is a new HTPC from Pulse-Eight:

Of course it will ship with XBMC as standard. What do you think?


18 Responses to “HTPC, yup we’ve got a new one on the way”

  1. 1 Harry

    How big is it? If I could hide it away out of sight then maybe, it’s not the prettiest thing is it

  2. We’ve tried to focus on noise reduction. There is a fan inside but it should be very quiet. The desire is to keep heat down and will be available in black and silver also.

  3. 3 theotocopulitos

    What are the scpecs?

    Uuuh… the Q6 cases on the Pulse-Eight look way more stylish, don’t you think…?

  4. 4 Mike Snow

    That depends on how big it is and how much it costs. Looks okay though.

  5. Hideous audio ports in front. If someone really really wants to use a (wired!) headset in their living rooms, surely they’ll go the extra mile and route their extension cord from the back?

  6. 6 Grunt

    Ugh, this looks like it were designed in Eastern Europe in the 80’s…
    And, what’s the point with a fan inside if there aren’t any venting holes?!? or are they just not visible in the picture?
    In any case, black is the color to choose, due to it having better thermal properties than other colors. If this brick is build to have the chassis as a heat sink, which it looks like, black could potentially save you 1-2 degrees.

  7. 7 Ph. Beckers

    Hmm, reminds me on my Xbox 1. Nice nostalgia.

  8. It would depend on how cheap it was, quiet is good but if it’s ugly and doesn’t have a DVD/BD drive then for me, it has limited appeal.

  9. Don’t really fancy the design. To much 80’s style for my liking.
    Would go great with these new speakers from Pioneer though 🙂

    All kidding aside i did expect it to be 100% passively cooled from the looks of it, so a bit disappointed to read about the included fan. Had it been passively cooled it could maybe justify the design a bit.

    Sure some people will like it, the design is just not for me.

    Looking forward to hearing a bit more about the hardware specs.
    Can you tell us bit in general terms. Are we looking at Atom, i3, or something else and what kind of GPU?

    BR Skare

    • The fan is because everyone lives in different climates and locates the unit in different places, if they put it in a cupboard with no airflow it will cook itself, the fan is to account for that.

      It will be available as a D525 + ION2 or E350, with customisable drive size and memory.

  10. Are you guys serious?? Surely this must be a joke?

    I’ve been following this for a while, and had great hopes for that sleek and stylish little Atom HTPC. Pity it got pulled due to manufacturing difficulties. But this is surely not the replacement?

    It looks as though someones taking an XBOX 1, put a bigger case on top of it, and then applied a terrible colour.

    • We’ve taken on board everyone’s comments and we are refining the front facia, removing the audio jacks in favour of an SD card reader and we’re moving the power and hdd lights to the back of the case

  11. 13 Mike

    Love to have an htpc that was passively cooled, could power up from the remote (quickly), had blue ray drive, and provision (or options) for twin sat tuner (backend myth or whatever).
    Of course running XBMC.

    • What you ask for is very difficult to achieve, baby steps, but most of the stuff you can get sleek addons via usb

  12. 15 James Young

    I kind of like it… maybe just move the audio ports to the back, lower the usb ports and instead of saying POWER vertically by the power button have the power symbol isntead.. also black would be a better color..

    • We’re actually only going to stock the black and silver, we’re removing the audio ports in favour of an SD card reader and the power and HDD LED’s will also go to the back, the front will not have any text saying “Power”

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