Aeon gets an update


It’s been a while since Aeon Nox officially was updated, the mailing list got a nice surprise a couple of days ago when Big Noid requested a pull which a huge stack of changes. We should hopefully see this update in the repo in the next day or so, but in the mean time here are the changes heading our way.

– Added view “Carousel”.
– Added CDArt en Artist logo to LowList.
– Fixed: cut off label with more than 99 episodes in list view (seasons).
– Added option to enable animated backgrounds only on home window.
– Added missing default buttons in pictures section.
– Added “Manual add to library” button to musiclibrary.
– Added missing default buttons to musicfiles section.
– Unified all select and settings dialogs.
– Fixed special characters not uppercase on home menu.
– Removed animation on playing video in Showcase/Landscape views (caused crashes on some lower-end systems).
– Added support for extrafanart/clearlogos in musiclibrary. Use new skin setting “Path to Music library” in conjuncture with the same setting in cdART manager.
– Skinned CU Lyrics script (code used from Aeon65).
– Music Visualization from Aeon65 now uses Classic Menu font.

– Watched / New overlay toggles no longer requires reload skin.

– “Submenu of movies uses Cinema Experience Script as default” can only be enabled if the cse script is installed.

– Volume dialog no longer shows volume when passthrough is active.

– Added weather submenu with all home window options for the weather widget.
– Added wraplist for DialogVideoInfo, DialogAlbumInfo and SongInfo.
– FileBrowser: removed obsolete labels, added controls 412 and 416.
– New Select dialog.
– New Favorites dialog.

– Changed default layout of high LowList to show only plot/year/runtime. (“Show Info” option added).
– Added Music and Movies genre fanart and icons:
  To activate drop the icons and fanart in the corresponding folders in skin.aeon.nox/extras/genre
  All files are expected to have .jpg extension.

– Weather widget now shows weather plus info if it’s the current weather addon.
– Increased font size for plot in VideoInfo.
– Increased font size for plot in recent/random widget.
– Increased font size for plot/album/artist/add-on description in InfoWall

– Seperate Infopanel visibility for tvshows and episodes.

– Added invisible OK button – You can now press OK and/or ESC to exit OK dialog.
– Added invisible Cancel button – You can now press OK and/or ESC to exit progress dialog.
– Synchronize weather labels on home widget.
– Fixed overlapping infolabels in LowList.

– Added weather widget (press up on weather menu when menu is locked in normal position to switch high/low position)
– Added option to show video fanart in Music visualization.
– Added option to show timepanel in Music visualization.

– Fixed thumbs not showing in list view.
– Fixed invisible now playing screen in list view.
– Fixed navigation issues with Random/Latest Posters Widget
So we’ve been busy in Castle Pulse-Eight this week, the first few Nyxboard Hybrid‘s left our offices and headed to those early pre-orders, sorry if you haven’t got yours yet, it is on its way!
As announced 2 days ago, we have a new HTPC on it’s way out, however we also have an additional project on the horizon which has been hinted at already. Here is another hint, the accessory cables are finished well ahead of schedule.

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