TWiT, Starcraft and iPhotos


Things have been busy over the last couple of weeks with various addons,

The starcraft addon we reviewed earlier _broke_ and has since been fixed, so if you read our intro to Day9 and found it not to work, fear not it should be working again!

Jingai has updated his iPhoto addon which allows iPhoto users to import their library directly into XBMC and view it, this is great if you have a network share to a PC which stores all your photos in this way, instead of having to manual import and browse those photos through XBMC this addon will maintain the existing categories, face tagging, places and events that you had already set up.

I’ve never heard of the TWiT network until I found this addon,  TWiT is a popular network with loads of different series, the browsing of the content is the same as the bulk of the XBMC addons, which is fine, obviously the developer has spent time making it work rather than making it look especially pretty, but in reality what do you need to view these great video podcasts ?

If you’ve ever watched a TWiT video on their website then you can now bring it to your living room. If you’ve never seen a TWiT video then try it out and watch them, the shows are well constructed and easy to listen or watch. In a traditional filmed podcast format with the presenters talking into radio microphones instead of lapel microphones and chatting to the audience.

Try it and let me know what you think of the videos.


One Response to “TWiT, Starcraft and iPhotos”

  1. 1 James Lodge

    TWiT has been going for 5-6 years now. Leo Laporte hosts most of the shows and has some of the best minds in the business. Top shows have to be “Security Now”, with Steve Gibson of and “Windows Weekly” with Paul Thurrot of Also a highlight, the daily tech news “Tech News Today” brought to you in a well formatted structure in both video and audio only. The XBMC add-on is now thrills, but it does exactly what is needed. One draw back is the access to retrospective content, there are some great show from “Security Now” on cryptography in the very early days

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