Development on our USB – CEC Adaptor is well underway and we’ve received a large amount of pre-order email requests for the CEC adaptor making us look to revise our production figures. Firstly, if you are interested in this CEC Adaptor, or want to find out more, email us or write on our forums and register your interest or question. That way we can ensure you get an item first, instead of with the Nyxboard Hybrid we are not going to take pre-order payments until we know exactly when the box is going to ship and will just take interest registrations instead to secure ‘options’ on a place in the queue.

Anyway, so back to the main point of this post. When we ship, we will release a back ported version of XBMC – Dharma, which will contain what we consider to be _standard_ support for the CEC device, it will pass volume control messages out to devices, respond to and send on / off signals and a few other basics which should make your life a little bit easier. Meanwhile in mainline we are planning a whole range of additional features, allowing much tighter and fuller integration between XBMC and  your Hi-Fi and TV stack.

Whats more we are also planning to ship with Windows Media Centre support! That’s right those of you who don’t use XBMC or those of you with friends who are stuck in Windows Media Centre land can benefit from the integrated CEC support we will offer. To make this a reality we are going to ship a library, libCEC.

libCEC is a c++ based dual licensed (GPLv2 [Probably] and a Commercial License for those companies wishing to re-use our library and hardware for commercial applications.

While we don’t have any code to release just yet, we’ve set up our website and our git repository so that you can monitor it for when we do start to publish our work.

What’s more if you want to get involved we will soon be setting up a JIRA bug and project tracking site for libCEC where you can help contribute your ideas and your bug fixes.

Those who help us out in what we consider to be a positive way will be eligible to receive discounts on the CEC hardware and or free goodies. However you will need to sign up to a Contributors agreement to take advantage of this.




3 Responses to “libCEC”

  1. 1 Ph. Beckers

    Sounds even better then before to me.

  2. Sounds great, one question : How will community contributions to this library be handled under this dual license strategy?

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