Our CEC module is well on its way, we received our first PCB samples with test components on.

We commissioned these so that our case manufacturer could begin tooling and start producing the cases for us, this process takes around 4 weeks so we’re glad to have this out the way sooner rather than later as it would be a sad thing to report the delay is on a simple bit of plastic!

Here are some photos from the in progress module


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  1. 1 Steve

    Looks good, so it has HDMI in, HDMI Out and a mini USB connector. How will this integrate with XBMC ?

    • just plug it in, XBMC will have built in support for it in Eden and we will back port the changes into dharma and host images for people to download

      • 3 steve

        If i am understanding this correctly then this little “black box” of tricks will allow me to control my TV (volume, input selection, channel and power). I think i already now the answer to this but will i also be able to control other devices such as my BD player that is connected to the TV via a different HDMI input ?

        • 4 steve

          Also will it allow my existing TV remote to control XBMC ?

          • The answer to all of these questions is yes, so its bi-directional communication to every HDMI device you have connected together!

  2. 6 Chris

    So, just to be sure, this thing is like a man in the middle between the HTPC and whatever you have it connected to normally (i.e. receiver or TV)? So you’d connect the HTPC through the USB port, which will be used as an interface between the HTPC and the HDMI bus, then you’d have an HDMI cable going from the HTPC to this box, and another one from this box to the TV?

    I’m out of HDMI ports, so if the above is true, then I’d only need an additional HDMI cable and not an additional HDMI port. If that’s the case, then sign me up.

    • Chris, you are correct, except you don’t even need another HDMI cable as that will ship with it 🙂

  3. Love the remote (pre-ordered) and love the look of this, even though I don’t quite know how I’ll use it.

    We use a ZBox XBMC, a Sony Bravia TV and a UK TiVo. All HDMI. I don’t think I’ll be controlling the TiVo through the ZBox because it requires a fairly specific remote. But I could control my Bravia without having to switch between devices on the remote. Is that right? How would the ZBox know whether to increase the volume in XBMC or on the TV? Is there a site that would give me a bit more background on how this would work?

    • Yes so for certain, you can control your TV with this box, XBMC will receive commands from the TV’s remote or send them to the TV, to turn on off etc, so if you hit the power key in RF mode on the remote it could turn the tv on/off i.e. negating the need for the IR mode.

      We’re still discussing the exact implementation inside XBMC but one of the concepts we are looking at is essentially having the option to remap all volume control from XBMC to your TV or amplifier.

      A quick google would indiciate the UK tivo box does not support CEC which is ashame, so control of that box will still need to be via IR.

      • Loving your work 🙂

        I think the only functions we use on the TV now is switching between AV (Tivo / XBMC), volume up/down and standby. I’m still struggling to get my ZBox to go into and out of standby. Any tips you could give me would be appreciated. Perhaps in the forum.

        Also, this might be a little off the beaten track but anything that would help me control the cabinet fans would be great. Just thought I’d mention it.

        • Maybe the device can (or maybe next version will) allow to emulate behavior like wake up over usb … Doubt this version has it though, but I could ofc be wrong

  4. Also, I’m running XBMC Live (Linux). Are you compiling a driver for that?

    • It will work on any linux, windows or mac install (doubt it will run on iOS at this point)

  5. 15 Ph. Beckers

    Nice size, compared to the boxes I saw from other manufacturers, this one is damn nice sized. Makes it easier to hide it behind the Plasma ^.^. Hope my Denon Amp plays nicely along with it, would be total win.

  6. 16 Adam Frederick

    This looks great. I would be happy to have one or two without a case, even in kit form.

    • We won’t be offering a Kit form version, the components are on tape and reel and are tiny, they ideally need a flow oven to apply.

      Production is progressing nicely, I’m writing up a blog post today about how things are going

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