Pulse-Eight and OpenELEC


Here at Pulse-Eight we are really determined to provide the best possible HTPC solutions. With that in mind we can’t all just be about the hardware.


We have some of the best and brightest in the open source community working with us to produce the right software and hardware solutions and that doesn’t stop with new creative products, that also means refining existing ones.

And that starts right at the beginning, with your HTPC software. (Presummably XBMC) that said, if you do use Windows Media Centre we will still do whatever we can to support you, except we can’t improve the software package you use. With XBMC we can, we are and we will continue to do so.

As we move towards releasing a complete HTPC solution we started to think what distribution we would use, in the end we settled with OpenELEC, but it wasn’t quite what we had in mind, we felt that a few things were missing and a few things could be improved. On top of that, one of our main developers is Lars Op den Kamp (dushmaniac) the brains behind the current xbmc-pvr branch. Lars has been hard at work polishing a series of automated build scripts and deployment tools which allows us to produce OpenELEC builds with the latest pvr code and features unique to us, over time these will get back ported into the mainline XBMC pvr branch, but if you want them first, you can get them from us 🙂

We wont ever charge for this, and you can download them from later today onwards, as time moves forwards our packages will contain more unique features, custom backdrops and pre-installed addon’s that you don’t get with the standard XBMC build.

We are also working on our own Skins which will ship designed to utilise our Nyxboard Hybrid remote and CEC Adapter.


We hope you enjoy.


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  1. 1 opdenkamp

    I’ll write a blog post which explains what we’ve done over the last few weeks later today.

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