Where’s my remote?


I’m sorry for the lack of updates regarding anyone’s pre-order those who have emailed in have received essentially the same response as what I’m going to write here.

First off, don’t panic the remotes are still on the way!

As many of you know, we got a small batch of remotes which got dispatched as soon as they arrived out to customers, what we got back from that was there is a small technical problem with some of them. The issue is pairing, sometimes if there is another RF4CE device near by then it will try to pair with that dongle instead of the Motorola dongle. A couple of people who have had this issue managed to overcome it by tricking it into a factory reset. Regardless the issue is less than ideal.

The team at Motorola’s factory have now resolved this issue but it required a modification to the PCB, this has been the bulk of the underlying delay and continues to be the only factor in delaying the build of the remote controls.

I’m told that the lead time on producing these is a couple of weeks. (Shipping from their factory is not going to add much time as we are bringing them over by air).

Essentially at this point, this is what we know. What we have learnt from this experience is that announcing the product and fixing a release time is not advisable, clearly Motorola are keen to make everyone have a 100% stress free experience and for the remote to just work, 100% of the time. This is good, the net down side however is that it takes time to achieve.

I want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered for their patience and support as the number of people who have ordered before we have stock is truly amazing and far exceeded our expectations. We only hope that we can continue to do this with all of our future innovative products and solutions.


Martin Ellis



18 Responses to “Where’s my remote?”

  1. 1 sjefen6

    ie: No ETA?

    • Yes, some kind of ETA would be very welcome, especially since you already got our money for the pre/back-orders.

  2. 3 sean

    SO what is the “trick” to factory reset?

  3. 5 Filip

    I was so hoping for this to arrive in time after I finished my vacation (about now) “a couple of weeks” sounds less than promising 😉
    Crossing my fingers that it’ll be on the way sooner than later.

  4. 6 Ph. Beckers

    Guys, yesterday when I was thinking about preparing to send mail with exact this question I did came across your blog entry explaining the situation. Great, as if you did read my mind :D.

  5. 7 Harry

    The wait is agonizing ……. I’m guessing shipping (after you finally receive it) from you to Australia won’t be fast air

    • I believe it shouldn’t take that long, around 3 – 4 days, Royal Mail to Australia isn’t that bad as far as I am aware

  6. 9 Blazin

    So what you’re saying is we’ve over shot the initial delivery date of June 24th by 6 weeks and we’re still not in the clear? Interesting. Is it out of line to ask for these status updates ASAP rather than when you feel like letting us in on the details?

    • We are not posting updates when we feel like it, we are posting as soon as we get further information. Sorry it does not feel like that

      • 11 Blazin

        So, the original shipment date of 6/27/2011, was direct from Motorola to customers? Then they chose not to inform you and you chose not to follow up with them until the 1st of July to confirm it shipped? Just saying, seems like we’re getting a couple days behind the real information. I know first hand with schedule slips it’s often a good idea to be on top of your subs..

  7. 12 matmabro

    Ok, so the air time to Australia is about 3-4 days. How about to the US? I am telling my wife to be patient and put on a buffer of 2 weeks, but that is now eaten up by this delay. Is there any way that this might show up before September? She (and I am kinda) is super pissed with our current keyboard and mouse setup.

  8. I too am disappointed by the delay, but, as I see it, Pulse Eight is a little company trying to produce a highly useful (albeit for a somewhat niche market), hopefully high quality product for a very reasonable price. This is exactly the sort of company I’d like to see flourish with products that are unlikely to be available elsewhere unless they are home built.

    It is frustrating that there suppliers have let them down, but, that’s the way it goes, so I hope to have my order soon, and, hope that this stumbling block doesn’t stop them going on to create new and cool things.

  9. 14 Les_M

    “What we have learnt from this experience is that announcing the product and fixing a release time is not advisable when working with Motorola”

    in my experience, working with subcontract electronics manufacturers / developers requires very close relationships (it’s my day job). Even then, things can and will go wrong which means that schedules can slip. In this case is seems that the date was given based on a schedule given long before there was even a reasonable pilot run down a production line.

    I think that Pulse-Eight are probably rather new to this and are still climbing the learning curve. However, I applaud the effort and I am not cancelling my order. I look forward to receiving the controller when it is ready.

  10. 15 Harry

    Any updates yet? I.e. A firm date?

    • This is what I got from Motorola yesterday:


      We are literally in the process now to firmly confirm delivery schedule for you – we want to be 200% sure and avoid any pain for all of us. We should have schedule for you shortly.

      As you can see, I’m not holding off telling you anything

      • 17 roninmudKith

        Thanks for the update, I am very excited about my remote! i still can’t believe such a product exists!

  11. 18 Filip

    I’m not going to bash anyone just give a friendly piece of advice: since it’s been quite a while waiting for most people who pre-ordered this I think the type of info you just posted as a reply here (the response from Motorola) would make an excellent candidate to post as a new blog topic to soothe all of us anxioulsy waiting for this product 🙂 Sort of a “just keeping you updated”-post. You know: “Better to precede than be preceded” and all that.

    Also really looking forward to the product, and I’m sure most will agree that it’s better to wait a little bit longer for something that’s 100% than get a 90%-product earlier

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