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We’ve been issued with the manual for the Nyxboard Hybrid, it’s taken a while to get it online as our store did not have the ability to host downloadable files, that’s all fixed so you can find the file on the downloads tab at the bottom of the product page Advertisements

Hot off the press, we got these a few minutes ago, photos of the first sample from our HTPC system. We will have more product information soon!

When designing the USB – CEC Adapter, we wanted to create something that was easy to use and obvious to install, we think we achieved that, and by supplying all the extra cables you need we hope no-one will need to ask in the forums how to install it. Never the less, we’ve made a quick tutorial video […]

I’m going to let the video do most of the talking (mainly because it is me) But just the basics, we received 3 prototypes today, 1 has gone to our case vendor for final fit before we get those in about 3 weeks time. 1 is off to one of our engineers in The Netherlands […]

As we start to increase the number of pages and services that we offer to you, we’ve wanted to improve the look and feel and make them easy to navigate to. We’ve played with a few different designs and settled on this basic layout: You can see the first iteration of this on our Packages […]

HTPC Update


Things are progressing nicely with our new HTPC system, we’ve previously discussed how we took customer feedback to update the case. Here is the result: What we’ve done is stripped out any light from the front of the case, put a power light at the back and removed the HDD light entirely, as we know […]

It’s holiday season (in Europe) and as most people wind down, we’ve been ramping up. As you may or may not be aware, the Nyxboard Hybrid is now due mid September and so everyone who pre-ordered will be getting theres then. At around the same time we are also lining up to have our CEC […]