More news on our HTPC system


A few weeks ago we posted our first ‘sneak peek‘ of our HTPC, we realised very quickly we had a few things to address, firstly, the front port audio didn’t make sense, secondly was the lights on the front of the unit, we don’t like bright lights, in fact when we are watching movies, we don’t like any stray light at all, so we went back to the factory and made some alterations.

Firstly, we’ve ditched the front port mic and audio jacks, these are on the back if you need them, instead we’ve put a front port SD Card reader, which is useful when you want to upload photos etc

We’ve removed the word “POWER” as hopefully its fairly obvious what the button does and then case orientation isn’t an issue.

Finally we’ve moved the Power LED and HDD from the front of the case and put the Power LED on the back but as a low brightness LED, so there should be no glow.

We’ve been working hard also on the case noise, while we can’t do away entirely with a fan because of the multitude of different environments that this unit will go into, we have found the quietest 4cm fan we could, this runs at 3000RPM ~ and is perfectly acceptable in a bedroom, in fact we’ve had it running in a couple of test users houses who find it perfectly acceptable.

We are also going to stock spare fan’s in case you want to use them in your own installs.

First units will be available some time in September, with configurable memory and HDD options, and with optional WiFi and Bluetooth for a ‘premium’ version.

Prices estimated to start from $349


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