Latest dates for the Nyxboard Hybrid


Just to keep everyone updated as it has been a while, yesterday we got revised dates from Motorola (not the way I wanted) we have been told that these are only going to improve and not get worse.

A direct quote from Motorola:

Here is the delivery schedule for 3k units

1. 2nd week of September 500 pcs
2. 3rd week of September 1000 pcs
3. 4th week of September 1500 pcs
Once we get closer to the week factory will advise on exact dates. 

P.S For those who are wondering the Google purchase of Motorola is not expected to have any direct impact on our remote control.

This is all we know, I’ve held off releasing this because it’s not ideal, we got a few remotes on Thursday which we have dispatched to a few more customers. So expect those early next week but that’s the last of them we are expecting before the next 500 units.

Also, we are at IBC this year if you are exhibiting or visiting, send us an email and we would be happy to meet up, we will have a remote with us to show you and also our CEC module.




7 Responses to “Latest dates for the Nyxboard Hybrid”

  1. Hi,

    It’d be helpful if you could tell us which order number is the highest you’ve been able to send so far, so we can each see within which of the deliveries above we each fit (based on our order numbers)

  2. #63 shipped (although there have been orders that we’ve shipped which are not for the Nyxboard Hybrid) and some orders have been for more than 1 unit

  3. 3 Harry

    Dammit!…it’s now blown out to september!…this thing better be amazing, I’ve never waited 5 months for something before, just going to add to the sting if it’s not perfect

  4. 4 Ph. Beckers

    So finally september it will arrive, sounds good… I was already about to ask for new infos. I hope the best and look forwards to it.

  5. I really wish it was sooner, and you won’t believe how much hassling I’ve been doing. Some of the delays has been because this is our first product and so we learn’t a few things about how the manufacturing industry worked and also it’s Motorola’s first* retail first remote control, and their first one specifically designed from the outset to work with a PC and not their set top boxes.

    This has added to the technical hurdles for them and hence some of the delays

    *As far as we are aware

  6. 6 Blazin

    So is this a september drop ship date or a september to you date? At this point, I’d expect the penalties paid by Motorola to cover the costs for you to pack these ASAP and overnight them.


    Let me say that twice.


    • When I mentioned Penalties, I did not indicate they were monies paid directly back to us or money we don’t pay them. The exact specifics are restricted by NDA.

      Regardless, we will ship out the same day they arrive to us, and where possible we will expedite the shipping route


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