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It’s holiday season (in Europe) and as most people wind down, we’ve been ramping up. As you may or may not be aware, the Nyxboard Hybrid is now due mid September and so everyone who pre-ordered will be getting theres then. At around the same time we are also lining up to have our CEC Adaptor available.

Times are not yet fixed, but I wanted to give a heads up on where we are now, what you will get at launch and what the future for the device holds.


Firstly, we’ve completed our hardware design work, right now we are getting 3 fully working prototypes assembled. Our first prototypes which we’re for case moulding had errors in it, so we’ve revised that based on the feedback from the case vendor and will be shipping them a new prototype next Thursday.

At the same time we will be moving from our development boards to the prototypes and doing final software tests on the CEC logic. If that all passes then we will begin on production and assembly.

We’ve already purchased all the components for our first run and they are with the factory already. (Except for the micro processor which they only have enough for the prototypes). Once the boards are manufactured we will sign off on the software and then the ICs will get flashed and sent to the factory for assembly.

We expect both the plastic enclosure and the hardware to arrive at roughly the same time mid September.

So what will you get:

Firstly, the CEC Adaptor itself, we’ve opted not to enclose it in a further cardboard box which will end up just being thrown away and adds additional cost to both you and us.

But we do include a short HDMI and USB cable, so you don’t need to buy any other cables to make this box work.

In addition we have been working on the software side.

libCEC is our interface library which will be available dual licensed (one of which is open sourced) and we have begun our XBMC development work to get everything talking nicely. At launch we expect basic functions to be supported.

Replace the power button on XBMC with a “System Off” button (if the CEC adaptor is installed) which will issue a broadcast message across the CEC bus turning off all devices.

We’re also planning on an option to allow volume control (including mute) key’s to bypass the internal volume controls in XBMC and interface directly with either your TV or Amplifier

There will also be a dialog window in the system settings for managing the device.


We admit that it’s not a full implementation (the firmware can do everything we need going forward) but we would rather let you have these nice useful features now, than wait months for us to finish and integrate the CEC adaptor fully into XBMC, we would rather get feedback and make it an evolutionary process.


The device is going to retail at £29.99 (slightly more than we originally planned) which is 35Euros or $50 ~

Anyone who emails before we put the item up for sale/pre-order expressing an interest will receive a 10% discount code

We are really excited about releasing our first self built product and will be the first of many to offer a better home theatre experience for XBMC users and we hope you enjoy it


2 Responses to “USB – CEC Adaptor”

  1. 1 luguber

    Hi, quick question, when we will receive the 10% discount code? I emailed some days ago, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Just wondered if that was normal or if my email didn’t get to you for some reason and I should resend it.

  2. we’re setting everything up today, and will mail them out today/tomorrow

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