HTPC Update


Things are progressing nicely with our new HTPC system, we’ve previously discussed how we took customer feedback to update the case. Here is the result:

What we’ve done is stripped out any light from the front of the case, put a power light at the back and removed the HDD light entirely, as we know that flashing lights can get annoying.

The front port speaker and mic inputs are gone, and replaced by a standard SD card reader which we think its more useful. We’ve also removed text saying “Power” as we think the big silver button explains itself quite nicely.

We are due to have stock towards the end of September and will be offering concessions to those who have brought a Nyxboard remote already, or those who want to buy this PC and the remote together.

This unit will preship with our customised version of XBMC giving you access to PVR features not found in mainline.


4 Responses to “HTPC Update”

  1. 1 Mike

    Any details on the spec of this machine yet??

  2. 2 Henrik Skare


    Congrats on the new revised case.

    The new simple look fits it so much better, and gives it a much more understated and professional look. Good job 🙂

    / Skare

  3. 3 Ph. Beckers

    Nice, but I would like a multi-card reader better as I use for example Olympus xd picture cards. Besides that… yup, like it. As for the powerlight, you could do it for example like my current HTPC. It’s powerbutton is illuminated when its off, and when its running its not illuminated. Just as an idea. 🙂

    • It added too much cost for what most people already use SD and XD is less common same as CF.

      As I’m sure you can appreciate, handling everyone’s requirements is never going to be possible, but I think we have got a good fit with this system.

      If you really want front port, then just install an adaptor in one of the USB slots

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