USB CEC Prototype demonstration


I’m going to let the video do most of the talking (mainly because it is me)

But just the basics, we received 3 prototypes today, 1 has gone to our case vendor for final fit before we get those in about 3 weeks time. 1 is off to one of our engineers in The Netherlands and the other is staying here for testing, verification and chip cloning.

One of the big things we’re excited about doing is providing programming headers so any hackers wanting to create fun upgrades are welcome to do so and contribute back to the community.

Also, pre-order demand has been incredibly strong and we havent even posted it on our website. If your still interested in the 10% discount, email us at before the end of this week!


13 Responses to “USB CEC Prototype demonstration”

  1. Hi

    I’m looking forward to having a play with one of these. Will you be able to share the wrapper you have put around libCEC?

    It would be usefull to see how it could be used, I’m personally interested in being able to create a wrapper to be able to send CEC commands on a cron.

  2. libCEC will be open source, so you can do with it as you please, we haven’t yet got it to the point where its ready for release but it will be available at the same time these ship

  3. 3 Lloyd

    Looks like a very useful device! I’ll probably buy one when they’re released.

  4. Interested to know what are some of the use cases for this product?

  5. Just pre-ordered mine!!
    Can’t wait!

    • 7 Doug

      Pre-ordered mine. Couple of questions: Will we have access to the dev software shown in the video? I may to want to spend some time staring at CEC protocol traffic in order make my system interactions a little more foolproof. Right now my Samsung Blu-Ray player goes off in the weeds fairly frequently. I’m hoping that it is just a poor CEC implementation that I can monitor and crutch. Also, what signals are available on the dev header? Will it be possible to pull a CEC line out and run it to the CEC pin on the HTPC header on the Intel DH61AG? Thx.

      • I was previously unaware of this motherboard from Intel, I’ve looked at it and I am going to get our factory to design an adapter cable, so you can connect the USB-CEC Adapter directly into this header instead, as an alternative option.

        You will have access to libCEC, which essentially is this, and I don’t see why we cant make available some test code for people to play with.

        The dev header is mainly for programming, it’s not actually giving access to any of the data lines

        • 9 Doug

          Terrific, thanks. Looking forward to delivery.

  6. 10 MrDude


    I just preordered mine! The idea is to use it for mac mini for controlling various aspect of the AV reciever.

    When i ordered it i took a big chance i guess, because there are a lot of unknown things:

    1. i heard no drivers are necessary for Mac, can you confirm this?
    2. i hear an API will be released, will this be working on mac? (java, python, objective-c?)

    • Thanks for your pre-order!

      Correct, no drivers are needed for Mac, libCEC will be released which will allow anyone to write an application to talk with the CEC Adapter, although XBMC will support it as libCEC is due to be built in. It’s C/C++ based

  7. 12 Morten Skovgaard

    Any chance that this could be used with Windows Media Center as well?

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