Installing the CEC Adapter


When designing the USB – CEC Adapter, we wanted to create something that was easy to use and obvious to install, we think we achieved that, and by supplying all the extra cables you need we hope no-one will need to ask in the forums how to install it.

Never the less, we’ve made a quick tutorial video which shows just how simple it is to install


3 Responses to “Installing the CEC Adapter”

  1. 1 Ph. Beckers

    Looks good, just a suggestion. Maybe you could do the USB cable a bit longer as it looks the current setup has a bit tension to it. But good idea, visual is always way better then words.

  2. We agree, we ordered these cables many months before the hardware layout was finalised, originally the USB dongle would have been on the same side as one of the connectors, but this became a problem when we tried to lay out the board.

    Lead times for components can be very long so when we have to make more we will order slightly longer USB cables. That said, the current cables we supply wont impair the device’s function and if you really are concerned then you can use your own mini usb cable instead

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