More photos of our new HTPC


Hot off the press, we got these a few minutes ago, photos of the first sample from our HTPC system.

We will have more product information soon!


9 Responses to “More photos of our new HTPC”

  1. 1 Ed

    I think the new logo is way too busy. I much prefer the simple pulse eight logo found on the top left of this page…

    On a more optimistic note it seems to be shaping up nicely!!!

    • Our logo on the store is actually not our main logo, the one on the case is, and our store will reflect that soon 🙂

      • 3 Ed

        I know everyone will have their own personal opinion but in my eyes the old one is far nicer.

        I can live with a slightly dodgy logo though… so long as the functionality is all there i’m sold.

  2. 4 Henrik Skare

    How about some pics of the inside?

    Agree on the logo being to busy but you cant please everybody, and on the whole it looks good

  3. specs of this htpc and price point?

    • starting at around $349 and going up, more details next week!

      • 8 JoWa

        Are there any new details yet?

        • Yes, I will make a post tomorrow, but essentially the goods are on their way, they will be with us on Monday, we will get the product up on our site hopefully this week, the reason for the delay is we don’t want to repeat the same issue we had with the Nyxboard and put the product up for sale before we have the goods in our hands

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