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More units are on their way, although they won’t reach us on the 3rd of October, and it’s not a fault of Motorola, we have enough stock waiting in China to head to us, the problem is someone stuck a Typhoon in the way, we’re told it’s on the way out but it’s going to […]

Today we received a shipment of Nyxboard Hybrids, a few got damaged on the way over (11 units) but we have more arriving tomorrow. Royal Mail and TNT have been and made collections from our warehouse today and we will continue ship out over the next few hours. We hope those receiving theirs tomorrow and […]

Sorry, but it seems 1and1 are having more technical difficulties, all of our orders for the CEC Adapter were dispatched successfully, with Nyxboard Hybrid remotes to be delivered tomorrow

It seems that bad luck continues to plague us here at Pulse-Eight, while shipping out items today we have been hit with an outage by 1and1, this has resulted in us being unable to process some of our orders, we will endeavour to work round this problem, however up to date shipping details are important […]

It’s finally here, our USB to HDMI-CEC Adapter is now in stock shipping next working day worldwide. We are really excited to bring this technology to XBMC, our libCEC project will be released in the next couple of days and you will be able to download the latest builds of XBMC from our website to […]

It’s here, (well almost) our new HTPC system we’ve nicknamed the PulseBox, running our own slightly customised version of XBMC and including a bunch of extras you won’t get anywhere else. As promised earlier in the year, the basic box retails for just under $349 (¬£219) and comes with everything (if you include the Nyxboard […]

We are always on the look out for new an interesting products and we came across this item a while ago so we’ve brought it to our store. The TotalMount¬†is an ideal solution for mounting an Apple TV2 to your TV, if your running XBMC on your jailbroken ATV2 then this is an ideal addition […]