Nyxboard Hybrid – Delivery Dates, Update


We received this letter today from Motorola, which is going to come as a blow to those waiting for the remote. Essentially it means we’re not getting the remotes until the 21st

This letter is to confirm that Pulse-Eight Limited will receive, as ordered, quantities of NYXboard Hybrid remote control with delay of 2 weeks, due to unforeseen circumstances in shipping and transit. Ordered quantities will ship starting from 21s september and continue as originally planned, on a weekly basis. We appreciate your patience and commitment to Motorola Mobility as your supplier.

Attached is also the original letter. If you have any further questions, ask here, the forums or send us an email via our contact form.

Many thanks

Martin Ellis


PE Delay Confirmation from Motorola


24 Responses to “Nyxboard Hybrid – Delivery Dates, Update”

  1. 1 Blazin

    What are we getting for our frustration again?

    • 2 Justin

      I’d take a CEC adapter. This is getting a bit annoying.

  2. 3 Harry


  3. Aaaaargh!!11!oneone This remote better be golden…

  4. 5 Branko Jambrosic

    Frustration starting to build maybe we should get a discount for waiting unreasonably long!

  5. 6 LTourist

    Instead of us getting a discount, maybe pulse eight can. That money so saved could be use for creating some outsanding other products like the CEC adapter πŸ˜€

    Keep us in touch !

    PS : I think when my remote will be in my mailbox I might say : “Oh, so that’s real… I thought it was a dream!” ^^

  6. 7 David

    What’s annoyed me, while they’ve kept on top of it and let us know when they can, was that I was charged months ago.

    I swore off Motorla after my old dire cell phone, their inability to meet an order is pretty much guaranteeing I never buy anything motorola again, well unless it’s most excellent.

  7. While we appreciate it’s been a long wait for this product, we are doing everything we can to get this product to market. This is an exclusive product to us and we are keen to get it into everyone’s hands.

    People who have purchase a remote already have done so under the knowledge (or should have made themselves aware) that this is a pre-order item / back-order item and that there is an unspecified wait attached with it. We are doing our best to give estimates at when the item will be delivered.

    As such it is not directly our fault that orders have not been fulfilled and we can’t go retroactively giving discounts for something that is not our fault.

  8. 9 Harry

    No, the wait was actually specified………..June 27 IIRC, or was it early august…no, mid august……last week of august, hold on 2nd week of September……oh no now it’s end of September……….I don’t recall the sales blurb saying June 27 give or take 4 months

    As LTourist said, the money saved could be used for other products likemthe CEC adaptor……maybe, but you’ve had pur money for months, I’m guessing that was used for the CEC adaptor……it certainly wasn’t in my account……

    Whilst I can appreciate it is perhaps out of your hands, it is just not good enough to take the atitude with your customers that we should have assumed all the risks and just accept being led along for months.

    However we do need to accept that we took a very big risk on a relatively new and untested company and have probably all learnt our lesson and will in future need to be much more cautious when the little guys ask for money upfront.

    I agree it’s not your fault, but I don’t like the attitude that we should have known or that despite us not getting a share of the profits we should simply accept the issues with your suppliers……at the end of the it’s notnthe customers responsibility, it’s the companys.

    • We actually have the bulk of the payments sat in our PayPal account and have not drawn on them, anyone asking for a refund during the pre-order phase has had their money refunded to them at our cost, (i.e. we absorb the cost of the card processing fees and the cost to send money using PayPal)

      I am deeply sorry that the way we have acted has not been to your liking, for us, PayPal only offer us one option, which is to take payment immediately. If we are going to allocate stock and not sell it to other people and deliver items to people on a first come first served basis then we need to have some security that people are going to pay for it.

      Some of the staff here at Pulse-Eight have worked in other start up hardware companies whereby they offered pre-orders but took no upfront payment, the reception was fantastic because there was no commitment from the customers, stock was over ordered and then was left lingering in warehouses ultimately dooming the company when those pre-orders were never paid for.

      All the dates we have quoted are dates that Motorola have provided to us, we could have just said End of Q3 and surprised everyone with an earlier ship date (we had no idea when signing the purchase order back in March that we wouldn’t be getting them until 6 months later)

      With regards to the CEC Adapter, that has been funded mainly through other means and had no baring on the success of the Nyxboard and has been in development since late last year.

      We are really pleased and excited that so many people have ‘taken a risk’ with us on this product, however if anyone wants to back out at any time, they are free to do so, but they will go to the back of the queue when stock becomes available.

      • 11 Rich

        I see your point but is there a list to know when we can expect our item to ship? That is to say what spot is everyone in the que? I ordered April 14th…. does this mean I am high on the “first come” list?

        • Your order number should give you a close approximation to when to expect it, if you ordered that early expect it in the first wave of remotes sent to us

  9. 13 Blazin

    Is there any sense of accountability here?

    All I see is finger pointing at Motorola, some vague statement about penalties, that then must be covered by an NDA, so you chose to speak out against a monetary type of penalty, and a total disregard for customer, for lack of a better word, loyalty.

    I understand certain items are outside the realm of your control; however, you made a claim of delivery date. You set that yourself, and now as a result of poor supplier management, you are accountable for their short comings.

    You’re facing the customer, it’s not best for your business to run, hide, and point at your supplier when things go south. Why would I be a repeat customer? You do not instill a sense of trust. I do not trust that, while you have experience in hardware startups, you have the skillset to manage renegade suppliers, nor do I trust that any product development in the future will benefit from this experience. I do not trust in your abilities to effectively manage customers or that this latest delivery estimate will actually be met. Why should I? We’re the customer, ease our nerves. Step up to the plate, hold your sub accountable, pass on the savings, and make your customers like you. Don’t leave a bad taste in our mouths when all is said and done.

    • We’re trying out very best to appease everyone here. We have found a product which we think the market wants, the delivery dates we posted were dates we were passed down from Motorola. We expected and expect when we are told a delivery date that it will be honoured. There have been technical and manufacturing difficulties in the path to production for this item and we are deeply sorry that those pioneers who chose to pre-order have been hurt by this.

      With regard to penalty, what you are alluding to is not true. What we suggested was more the fact that our interest in working with them in the future on additional products would be effected thereby penalising them financially (as we wont be spending any more money with them) there is no discount we are getting from this product because it has been delayed. Quite the opposite, our costs have risen because we have opted to bring these items over via TNT (read: very expensive) vs sending them by boat (read: free as Motorola would have paid)

      With these increased costs, we have bore them and have not asked for more money to cover it.

      We are already looking at ways to reward customers who have pre-ordered and once our back log has been cleared we will announce those.

  10. 15 dan


    I’m disappointed that there is another delay, but i’m not surprised. I don’t think it’s fair to take out your frustration on the pulse-eight team though. this was always gonna be a bit of a gamble, a product not yet actually in production, the issue is surey they had to guage demand before committing to the order…

    I think it has more to do with motorola not actualy taking the order seriously. its probably a tiny deal in their manufacturing empire, and i must say that even as a loyal motorola fan i will be thinking twice about buying one of their products again.

    But enough of this DOOM and GLOOM!!! even with the disappointment of delays i still, am VERY excited about this product and will be jumping for joy when my remote arrives πŸ™‚

  11. My life goes on without the arrival of a remote control, but these kind of delays are bad for your business regardless of who’s at fault.

    If Motorola is at fault and given you the runaround, particularly if you’ve paid them, then they should remunerate you somehow and it would be good if you could use that to appease your pre-order customers somehow.

    More generally, and forgive me if this is patronising, I think it’s a bad idea to expose the customer to the trials and tribulations of bringing hardware to market. I work in this field; expectation management with the consumer is a fine art.

    Whatever, regardless of the delay, I like a Pulse Eight because it’s creating hardware that I like that would probably be unavailable otherwise.

    • Thanks for the comments, we took the decision that we wanted to be as open as possible with our customers. We’re a small company (startup if you will) and people buying from us are our pioneers, we are learning to some extent as we go, and we’d rather let people know when we’ve made a mistake, this is one of them, we announced the product too early and we’ve learnt from that, we have other products on the horizon that will hit before the year end and we wont announce them until the product is on a boat heading to us, or we have strong control over the production (such as our HTPC)

  12. 18 Mikkel

    I understand that it’s hard to negotiate and put pressure on a company like Motorola, if you have just started a rather small company. TBH, I don’t care when the remote will get here, as long as it’s within this year, as I just ordered a week ago.
    I understand peoples frustrations when they have ordered in April, but really it is, unarguably, Motorola’s fault, as they have also stated in the attached letter.
    Only thing I’m annoyed with is PayPal, why not offer other options for companies?
    Relax guys, you will get your HTPC dreams fulfilled eventually! πŸ˜‰

  13. 19 noodler

    Do not get distracted by the spoilt children who expect instant gratification.
    We know it takes time for a small company to get things form a giant one
    like Motorola. What’s more it is a unique design made in small numbers.
    Delays are to be expected. Let’s just hope they are eventually worth it.

  14. What I want to know is: What does this mean if I order now? OK, the order for the first 3K units are delayed. Uhuh. Well, how many pre-orders do you have? 500? 5000? If I order now, will I get it when these 3000 ships or do I have to wait to 2013? πŸ™‚

    • Order number will give you a good idea of what position you are in the queue, if your order number 1000, then expect to be in the second batch, if your order number 400 then expect to be in the first batch.

      Right now, we won’t clear the backlog with the first batch of 500, but we will with the second batch.

  15. 22 kingmob

    This is becoming a joke.
    order #162 and still waiting. I understand this is not really your fault, but damn…

  16. 24 matmabro

    Still waiting, but hopefully not uch longer. I actually appreciate hearing about all the hastles with motorola. I admit I am kinda bummed that it’s been about 3 months or so since my order with nothing to show for it except promises, but I am also pleased to see that you are considering some sort of “bonus” to your pre-order people as alluded to by a reply above.

    One suggestion, after the first batch ships out (1 week from today?) could you post what order number you are up to just so those in que know where they stand.

    Waiting eagerly to show this off… I’ve shown others my current XBMC setup with keyboard and mouse and many are asking me questions about ditching table and puting a machine together. I explained that an MCE remote works, but I think with the full keyboard and mouse (if it works… and I have faith taht it will) on the flip side of this, there’s not excuse to not build an HTPC. Cable and satellite companies should be afraid, very afriad.

    CEC adapter looks cool too, although, not sure if I really need one at this point. Please keep imagining some new toys for us.

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