See our USB – CEC Adapter in action


We’ve put together a small video to show you our USB – CEC Adapter working with XBMC.

We still have plenty of features to add before it’s released on the 26th of September, but for now you can see it working without any additional configuration.

In case you’re wondering, the XBMC version we are using is modified from mainline, however expect this to be merged and released as part of Eden in the coming weeks.


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  1. 1 wobu

    nice work 🙂

    but why can’t we access the source code on github?

    Nevertheless i have now pre ordered it, can’t wait to get it with my remote…

  2. WOW !!!
    Controlling Xbmc with the original tv remote, never thought of this, it much useful than only volume up/down.
    Now 50$ to this gadget doesn’t look much considering i don’t have to get remote + ir receiver to my htpc, nor a harmony remote needed.

    Thumbs UP

  3. 4 Andreas

    Seems very promising!

    Are all TV’s supported, or do my TV have to support a protocol or something like that for this to work?

  4. Will this work through an A/V Receiver too? I run my XBMC machine into a Sony receiver that’s linked to a Samsung TV – all via HDMI – and the TV will control the amp (and vice versa), but I’m not sure how it works adding a third device to the loop.

    • Yes, this will work fine, infact having a receive in the system that supports CEC is a major bonus for you, because we can pipe volume change requests in XBMC through to the amp instead of handling them internally. The same with mute, that can go to your amp instead.

  5. 14 Ph. Beckers

    You guys totally rock. This gimme even more opportunity to push people into the direction of opensource and self-build media players instead of crappy pre-made closed source stuff. Keep rocking on!

  6. 15 Thomas

    I use search for musik and movies.. So i keep my logitech dinivo.. 🙂

  7. I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX711 – which says it has “BRAVIA” Sync – would this work on my TV?
    Looks great, are you offering a discount for people who have pre-ordered the Nyxboard Hybrid? 🙂

  8. so how does the context menu work or information button?? how is this mapped on the remote? does menu on the remote go back to the main menu on xbmc? can you map buttons to certain functions of xbmc? If so that would be awesome feature to have. To be able to map an addon lets say for number 1 and then it pops up. etc.. pretty cool gadget and video shows it off quite well. Would like a deeper integrated video showing what all is controlled etc. great job!

    • We would demo more, but its still not final, as you can see, we’ve just had a great suggestion for an improvement we can make to the software. Essentially most options are on the cards, if you have a really good one, post it on our forums and we will look into it.

      Regarding button mapping, sure, you can just use the standard keymap file, it depends on the remote and TV as to which functions are passed to the TV, but expect 0-9 a home button (although Samsung actually berry that in a submenu on the OSD) and an exit / back button, also the Red green yellow and blue buttons and we will get proper mappings for those in due course

      Also, the standard multimedia stuff, play pause, stop rewind fastforward etc

  9. 21 Gerrit H.

    Can it turn the TV off (& on again) instead of the screensaver? That would be smart: 150 less watts on the electricity bill.

    • Yup, we will add that feature, nice idea (we hadn’t thought about it)

      • 23 Lars Op den Kamp

        Ssh Martin, I did think about that 🙂 think I already created a stub for that too in the code, but it might not be in the cleaned up demo code anymore. But it’ll certainly be in the final version.

        • 24 Livin

          2 issues with using XBMC on dual displays under Windows (not sure about Linux) that should be considered… (1) If the TV turns on but does not sync in before XBMC launches, XBMC will end up on the 1st display, not the TV. (2) there could be an issue when you turn off, then on again, the TV while XBMC is still running. XBMC could move back to display 1 when the TV turns off, but it will not move automatically back to display 2 when the TV turns back on. I’ve also seen it get stuck in limbo and not show on any display in the case also. To resolve this, there needs to be code in XBMC (or an independent app) to watch the displays at all times and move XBMC to the desired display when the TV turns back on.

          • This module is intended for HTPC systems, rather than systems that are both for XBMC and as a normal PC as well, that said these issues can be solved via the use of things like UltraMon which will remember which window an application launched on last and force it back onto it.

            These bugs you speak of, are more XBMC specific than what our module will cater for, and so you should potentially look at raising tickets on the XBMC trac

  10. Just wondering whether XBMC can use CEC functions itself?

    ie switch off the TV?


    • Yes, hopefully we show that in the video when we exit XBMC it shuts down the TV.

      We’re also going to expose a bunch of stuff to skins, so you can do visibility constraints based on feature availability. i.e. HasFeature(“CEC”) & HasFeature(“CanAdjustVolume”) or something to that effect, which should be good as a skinner 🙂

  11. 28 Niklas

    Will I have any use if this if I use Xbmc on Apple TV2?

  12. 32 David

    I’m just curious. Let’s say I’m watching tv and turn on my XBMC machine. Will the TV then reboot or just jump into XBMC?
    Also, when changing the volume, will it change it on the TV or the XBMC. Perhaps I have set the volume low on the TV and when I want to increase it it only goes to max volume on the XBMC. Or will it be merged together in some lovely way? 🙂

    Looks great though!

    David / Sweden

  13. 34 Willy / South Africa

    I was wondering if the plan is to create a plugin for XBMC to configure how the USB-CEC adapter will behave?

    Also, is there perhaps a list of features that USB-CEC will support? For example:
    – Switch CEC device on/off from XBMC
    – Change channel on CEC TV
    – etc

    I am just curious about what the future holds for this nice product.

    • Yes there is a full system inside XBMC for configuring the device to do just what you want. We will start to build a feature list, however it is largely up in the air as we start to work out how best to integrate the TV with XBMC as it’s “never” been done before

  14. 36 Willy / South Africa

    Sounds like very exciting stuff. Will look forward to seeing how things progress. I am very tempted to order the USB-CEC device, even though I am pretty confident my current TV will not support it.

    I currently have a Sinotec 42″ TV, which I have had for about 3 years. I am not sure whether the brand is sold outside of South Africa, but internally mine uses LG parts.

    • If you buy it, and find it does not work, we will issue you a refund if you return it in full working order

      Look to see if it has SimpLink support?

  15. 38 kingmob

    I’m a bit confused. Apparently this can integrate your remote to send signals from the TV to XBMC? Can it also work the other way around?
    Say I finally (;-)) get the nyxboard, can I use it to control my TV and receiver as well (aka the other way around), turning on whenever I switch on XBMC and swithcing off whenever I switch it off?

    If so, I never even knew such a thing was possible!

    • Yes, its bi-directional, so if you watch the demo video, we have XBMC sending a turn on and turn off command to the TV.

  16. 40 Rax

    You should really push for support of this puppy in Plex (for the growing Mac userbase), maybe by sending a unit to the devs. This will be the next big thing! 🙂

  17. 41 Mikkle

    I placed a pre-order for this gizmo as soon as I saw the prototype video. Now I’ve just seen this video with live systems, and only one question pops to mind: When do you expect to ship? I sooooo can’t wait! 😀

    • 27th of September is our current date, it might be off by 1 or 2 days, depending on customs for the plastic enclosure (they are being made in the US) so far, things look good!

  18. 43 SG

    An idea: Why dont you support control of PS3 with this controller? Today you have to buy an (ugly) IR-bluetooth dongle to control DVD/BD playback for ~¨40 EUR via a dedicated remote.

    found on random site:

    “I can report that HDMI-CEC on my PS3-Slim on 3.55 controlled by a Toshiba TV (46wx800) over the Regza-Link has these features:

    (1) Turning PS3 on/off
    (2) Scrolling across and selecting from front-end GUI (XMB) using left, right, up, and down arrow keys, as well as OK as an option for [X] and exit as an option for [O]. Have not found anything that works for the SQUARE and TRIANGLE buttons.
    (3) The arrow keys work to pause, rewind, fast-forward and play movies.
    (3) The arrow keys do not work for any games.

    I hope that helps somebody out there.”

    Pleese make RemoteBuddy for Mac support these feature, This is something that not even Harmony has.

    • Hi,

      There is no reason why you cannot send signals from your PS3 to XBMC using this adapter, or vice versa, essentially what this adapter brings to you is a PC able to talk to any compatible device on the HDMI-CEC device

      Regarding RemoteBuddy, we have been contacted by them so hopefully we can sort something out in the near term!


      • 45 SG

        Sounds great,

        Controlling Plex AND PS3 with my universal remote would be a dream..

  19. 46 Roland

    thanks for inventing this. I’m also interested in buying this adapter. Is it possible to order from Germany? Is there perhaps a reseller?

    Can you please check whether Samsung LE40A659 (manufactured in June 2007) is supposed to work? I want to poweron/poweroff the device (and perhaps switch to the correct HDMI port).


    • We don’t have a german reseller, however you can order from our site, shipping is not too expensive (we hope) and you get it in a couple of days, because its shipped from the UK there are no additional taxes to worry about

      Regarding your TV, its a german model so I am having to use Google Translate to look it up, but please check in your TV menu for an option called Anynet+ if it does have it, then your TV will work with our adapter

  20. 48 huy

    so the buttons on my remote are reprogramable?

    would i be able to turn my laptop on and off? im currently using a ir reciever for my tv remote and i cant program it to turn my laptop on, only off

    if this is able to turn the laptop on then you will get a definite sale from me and all my clients

    • You could rebind what XBMC does with the commands the TV sends to XBMC, but you can’t change the original function of the button for all purposes. If you push the Power Off button on your TV, it will broadcast an off command (or should) and XBMC or any software running libCEC can intercept that message and respond with a shutdown as well.

      • 50 huy

        turning off the laptop is not a problem, the problem is having it turn back on with the remote, is that possible?

        • Turning it back on is not yet possible, but it will be via a software update we will release early next year

          • 52 huy

            okay thanks, ill subscribe to the blog and hope it gets released soo

  21. 53 Times

    Will the USB-CEC adapter block 3D 1080p aka HDMI 1.4? Will this work or do I have to unplug the adapter to get 3D 1080p?

    My HTPC has hdmi 1.4, and i trust xbmc will support 3D BD in future.. can anyone confirm this for me?

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