Nyxboard Hybrid – First 500 confirmed 26th of September


We got confirmation today that we will be receiving our first batch on the 26th of September, we expect to ship into the low 500’s (order number wise) with this batch, the remaining pre-orders we will complete the following week (3rd of October) which will leave us with a stock buffer going forward for same day dispatch.

After we complete the last pre-order on the 3rd of October we will announce the pre-order thank you we promised a few months back and it will be available to all those pre-order customers immediately.



P.S For those who read the delivery dates from Motorola as the 21st, it’s taking 2 days to get from the factory to our collection point in HK and then we are express shipping them over to us for Monday morning.


24 Responses to “Nyxboard Hybrid – First 500 confirmed 26th of September”

  1. 1 dan

    fantastic news! my IR remote is on its last legs 🙂

  2. 2 Mat

    Woo! Hope mine is in that first 500 🙂

  3. 3 Branko Jambrosic

    My sentiments exactly can’t wait to try it out, am using an HP mini wireless keyboard and would like something less bulky.

  4. 4 Justin

    Dang it. I am #562. No low 500s for me 😦

  5. 5 Jeff

    haha – 476! Woot!

  6. 6 David

    Woo hoo, I’m under 500!!

  7. 7 wolfbiker

    Guys, keep in mind that a lot of people (myself included) ordered two or three remotes. So even if you’re #476 or whatever, you may not fall into the first batch of 500.

    • We’ve taken into account that, we’ve already shipped up to around order number 70 and not all orders we have had have been for the Nyxboard

  8. 9 Ph. Beckers

    Yes…. good news, then it should come in time for my free week. Perfect timing, then I’ve the most time to play with it.

  9. 10 milovoo

    Yeah! #189

  10. When you say you are express shipping them over, does that mean you’ll be shipping them from the UK, or from the US, or from somewhere else?

    While it’d obviously be a considerable administrative burden, will we be getting tracking numbers for each order?

    In any event – YAY! 🙂

    • Remotes are en-route from Hong Kong to us via TNT Express, so should be with us on Monday, we will then dispatch same day, we will provide tracking numbers for everyone, we are aware that there is a limitation in our website where the tracking number is not mailed out in the dispatch notification email, hopefully we will have this fixed by the time we send out the notifications

  11. Today’s the day!

    • Sadly, right now, today is not the day, I just got this on the tracking last night and we are dealing with it this morning:

      25 Sep 2011 20:04:53 Northampton Hub Connection Delay – Customs. Recovery Actions Underway.

      • Oh well.. we’ve waited this long – another day or 2 can’t hurt 🙂

        With a little luck we’ll have them at our homes by the weekend, which, I suspect for many of us, will be the first proper chance we get to play with them anyway.

  12. I bought a cheap Logitech K400 wireless keyboard: http://www.logitech.com/keyboards/keyboard/devices/8276
    while I wait for my remote – it feels and is cheap, but gets the job done. Still I’m looking forward for a propper remote for my XBMC setup.

  13. 17 justin

    any more updates ..

    • Not going to be here today, they haven’t left the hub, more are en-route and will hit liege tonight also, so people beyond 500 might get theirs sooner!

  14. 19 justin

    have customs released the order? with 1st batch will be with u guys tommorrow to start shipping? pls confirm

    • Thats what we are working on now, so far things are good, we just need to send a document back to Customs, which I am filling out now

  15. 21 justin

    martin, have the 1st batch now arrived …? shipping today? ?

    • There’s a comment on another post on the blog where they’ve said they’re packing them now…

      Mine is still showing not sent on the order system :S

  16. 23 Nick

    Woohoo, just got my order complete email! Thanks guys, can’t wait for this to arrive.

  17. 24 justin


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