PulseBox out 10th October


It’s here, (well almost) our new HTPC system we’ve nicknamed the PulseBox, running our own slightly customised version of XBMC and including a bunch of extras you won’t get anywhere else.

As promised earlier in the year, the basic box retails for just under $349 (Β£219) and comes with everything (if you include the Nyxboard Remote in your order) you need to run XBMC as your Home Theatre media hub.

We’ve provided a few options that allow you to get the perfect box you need.

There are 2 core models, a Basic and Β Premium.

The basic box is:

  • AMD Fusion E350, Hudson-M1(A50M) + ATI HD6310 Graphics
  • ‘Silent’ Chipset fan
  • Full Aluminum chassis
  • Built in SD card reader
  • 2GB Memory
The premium box builds on the basic with the addition of:
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Built in WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Both models have a choice of Hard Drive, by default for the basic we select a 320GB 7200RPM drive, if you’re looking for as quiet a system as possible then there is a 64GB SSD we can also include at the cost of an extra $50~ (Β£35) and by default this is the option selected in the premium model.
With both offerings we also offer a discount for people who combine this with a Nyxboard or CEC adapter order.
For those people who have already ordered either of these we will offer the discount against the cost of one of these systems, please email us to get the relevant details.
We hope you enjoy this system, as with all of our products we offer support on IRC, Forums and by Email and we will continue to enhance the software on the system over the coming weeks and months and years.

27 Responses to “PulseBox out 10th October”

  1. Nice1 πŸ˜‰ I just don’t know why u picked ATI instead of NVidia ?
    I always thought that XBMC is go better with NVidia cards…
    Me personally and two of my friends we had a hard times with ATI so after a while we changed for NVidia and no more troubles πŸ˜‰
    But anyway, is good to see this box come to real πŸ˜‰

    • Price is the main factor, the E350 is considerably cheaper than an Nvidia based box, and we’ve got XBMC working on this hardware without issue. There are multiple fixes in the pipeline for XBMC to support ATI cards better and we have the luxury of being able to ship a customised version of XBMC with these fixes in.

  2. 5 JoWa

    is it possible to order the PulseBox without a HDD? what would the price be?

    all in all a very nice HTPC, and i’m thinking about selling my old one and buy this one πŸ˜‰ did you make any tests with a DVB-S Stick and PVR?

    • Yes, we will provide a version without later today. The software we provide on packages.pulse-eight.net is with PVR and so any dvb sticks that work with openelec and xbmc-pvr already will work with this.

      • 7 Melo

        Do you have any recommandations for a dvb-c stick that works fine with openelec and xbmc-pvr?
        I couldn’t find anything else than Sundtek MediaTV Digital Home. Does this work as soon the driver is included in the build plug and play style just like that or does it require some hacking around?
        Also is the pulseBox performance enough for watching HD TV channels?
        I read a review about the sundtek stick saying that on slow machines watching HD TV channels can be laggy. Do you have any testing experience about this?

        Thanks in advance for your work and your fast support!

        • It’s something right now we can struggle to recommend, because at least in the UK dvb-c devices are fairly useless unless you live in a specific area (which we don’t)

          OpenELEC is the underlying OS so if driver support is built in, we gain it upstream. There is no reason to believe that the PulseBox will suffer in terms of playback as it is fully capable of 1080p playback without issue.

  3. 9 Ped

    Assuming a standard motherboard fits, will you make the case alone available for people who might prefer to put other components in it?

    • Sorry we can’t the board the case are fitted together, but you can order our other cases which are empty, they are similar except they lack a front port SD card reader

      • 11 Arucard

        Does this mean that this case isn’t fitted with the ASUS E35M1-I Deluxe you also offer in the store? I thought this might be the case since it has the same specifications, from what I can tell. If not, I would like it if the product description/specification would include some more details, like
        – NIC type (e.g. 100Mbit or 1Gbit)
        – the max amount of RAM
        – the amount of RAM modules available and used (as noted in other posts, one RAM module is used, leaving room for one more)
        – the available internal and external ports
        If possible, you could also just refer to the board you use.

        • Rather than thinking of this as just a regular PC, think of it as a standalone product.

          • 13 Arucard

            In that case, I’d still like to know at least the external ports on the product, since I’d like to know if I can connect it to a LAN (which seems like a given, but then is it 100Mbit or 1Gbit) or how many USB ports it has (so you know if you can connect usb disks or alternative remotes, etc.). These seem like things I’d also wanna know about a standalone product.

            On a related note, if you order the nyxboard remote with this htpc, does it include the (installed) internal usb adapter so you don’t need an external adapter for this. I know this isn’t actually necessary, but it seems like a nice idea (even if added as an optional extra, like the remote itself).

            I do wanna make it clear though, that this seems like the best solution for an HTPC that I have seen so far. The only thing that seemed to come close to this, is your previous pre-installed HTPC. So thanks for doing such a great job.

          • It’s a 1gbps port (we are working on a detailed tech spec and will have it out soon)

            There are 6 usb ports on the back (for the premium model) and 2 on the front,

            We will get back to you on the internal cable, odds are yes we will include it if you buy it with the Nyxboard


  4. 15 Aginarikar

    HxWxD mm/in dimensions please?

  5. 18 Harley

    I think that the premium box should come with 4GB of RAM memory πŸ˜‰

    • There is a spare slot, but frankly the system doesnt need it, so why add it and increase the cost, if you really want it, email us and we can tailor the system for you, or you can install it yourself after

      • 20 Harley

        Well while it is true that you do need 4GB of RAM to just use XBMC, it would be nice to have 4GB of RAM to be able to use this system for running other stuff in the background.

        Since it is a true x86 HTPC with a Linux based OS you could also use is a server and such, running BitTorrent and NZB downloads such as SickBeard and CouchPotato or more non-XBMC value addons.

        Also extending the units function with PVR backend features later will also use up more resources.

        And finally I do not feel that the built-in WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth justify the extra $66 added cost for the PulseBox Premium.

        • I hope you mean “don’t need 4GB to run XBMC :)”

          it cost’s us that from the factory to add the WiFi and Bluetooth, if you can get it for cheaper, get the Basic and add it yourself πŸ™‚

          There is still 1 slot left for extra memory, if you get one, you can install more yourself, or you can pay us and we will add it for you, but personally I think it’s wasted, none of the applications you’ve listed will eat that much ram.

  6. 22 Melo

    First of all: Great product!!! It’s awesome to see the approach of bringing a standalone device running xbmc in a way so integrated without any need of administration. The possibilities in combination with the usb-cec adapter, pvr-support etc make this soooo exciting!

    Some questions: Since this is a standalone device are there any plans of releasing a pulseBox with integrated bluRay-drive or at least DVD-drive.
    I’m not sure if bluRay playback is still a problem on linux (since I don’t have a bluray-drive to test it on my ubuntu-desktop running xbmc on a connected tv) but at least a DVD-drive is needed in my eyes.
    Imagine how odd it would be to show off your awesome pulseBox and not being able to play the DVDs your friends bring. Using an extra DVD-Player seems pointless when I could have DVD-drive on this box instead =)

    And what about an integrated dvb-tuner? Are there any plans here? It would be great to have this integrated too. Imagine controlling everything, from tv, to dvd-playback with one remote just by having a pulseBox!!

    Let me know, since I really don’t know if I should buy it or just wait a few months to get the perfect device for my needs =)

    • We have no plans to introduce an integrated optical drive into this box, most users store their media digitally, blu-ray support in Linux is still non existant so until this changes we won’t persue it further, I would suggest a slim external dvd drive to go with this box, the same for a dvb tuner, there are so many variants (dvb-t, dvb-c, dvb-s) that it is prohibitively expensive for us as a small company to stock each variant. Again a USB tuner is our recommended way to go

      I think if you connect USB variants of these devices you get everything you need!

  7. 24 JoWa

    What kind of RAM is needed for the barebone?

  8. 26 Bobby

    Are you making a black model?

    • right now the only plan is to keep making our Calx coloured version, which is half way between black and silver.

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