USB – HDMI-CEC Adapter out now!


It’s finally here, our USB to HDMI-CEC Adapter is now in stock shipping next working day worldwide.

We are really excited to bring this technology to XBMC, our libCEC project will be released in the next couple of days and you will be able to download the latest builds of XBMC from our website to get instant support. Over the next few weeks we will strive to get this integrated into the main branch for XBMC so you can use official builds.

OpenELEC will get support in its PVR branch later this week and in other branches in due course.


34 Responses to “USB – HDMI-CEC Adapter out now!”

  1. 1 rikardo1979

    nice1 πŸ™‚ so its mean I will have it at home sometime next week ?

  2. Great news. Seems like this hardware launch has gone smoothly. Congratulations πŸ™‚

  3. You will need to install ours from the Package website, but wait until we annouce it on the blog, we are still making last minute changes

  4. Any chance you get an Eden build of OpenELEC? It has a feature I’m starting to use (remote centralised thumbnails). And I also though Eden would have better support for your remote as well?

    Thanks and no worries if it puts too much of a burden for an extra build!

  5. I’m looking forward to having a play with my CEC adapter when it hopefully arrives this week. In the mean time I have a couple of questions.

    Do you envisage any bugs, unexpected behaviours, hardware (amps and TVs) that behave differently to those you have tested with?

    If there are bugs, where should they be reported etc?

    Is there PPA for your builds, or do we need to disable the existing repositories to install a precompiled .deb?

    What version of the database will your install be using, Am i going to have to upgrade every instance of XBMC in the house for the shared MySQL database to work for all of them?

    • We do expect that some TVs and devices which claim to support CEC will not work out the box, this is due to them using a non standard implementation. We can however support these devices but we will need your help to do it. In due course we will provide information on how to provide this back to us.

      For reporting bugs and these sorts of requests the first port of call is our forums

      You can grab an install from however these versions do not yet support the CEC adapter, we are slightly behind with the software and it is not yet up to scratch but it will be in the next day or so and the code will be made public as well as a large cache of technical information.

      We have published the windows ‘driver’ (inf file) which is in the downloads tab on the product page.

      The code we publish that is in XBMC runs near enough XBMC trunk, so whatever the latest revision is. If you don’t want to have to update the db then you will need to run an isolated copy of XBMC for the time being.


  6. 15 Mikkle

    I run a local build of the source located at git://
    The xbmc/peripherals/devices contain a bunch of CecAdapter code.

    Will it work out of the box for me?

    Soooooo excited! πŸ˜€

    • They are just stubs (I think) but yes, that is the right build to be running, just needs another commit πŸ™‚

      • 17 Mikkle

        W00t! πŸ™‚
        What about libCEC? will that be bundled in your xbmc tree, or would I need to install that as a side dish? The libCEC repository is still empty atm… πŸ™‚

        • 18 Mikkle

          Or I could just read the blog post properly… πŸ˜‰ Sorry! :]

  7. 19 ezechiel1917

    Great news!

    Will this adapter also work when there is no hdmi cable connected to it’s hdmi input (from htpc). What I mean is that only usb cable will be connected from htpc to adapter and hdmi cable from adapter’s hdmi output will be connected to TV.

    So one could send HDMI-CEC commands directly from HTPC to TV and having actual HDMI output from HTPC connected to some other device (for example to HDMI switch/matrix etc – I don’t want to send HDMI-CEC commands through it, most usually because there can be issues sending HDMI-CEC directly through HDMI switch/matrix when the TV is off).

    If this solution is possible, can it be configured to turn on TV when you’re resuming htpc from sleep (S3) and automatically switch to specific HDMI input (specifically the actual one from HDMI switch/matrix, not the the one which would be connected from this adapter to TV)

    Thanks for info.

    • Yes you can, you will need to configure (in XBMC or the library config file) which active source you are interested in, but so long as the active source your telling it to switch to is connected it will work.

      The CEC adapter can be connected anywhere in your home theatre HDMI network as its a serial bus, although at a guess the supplies cables won’t be long enough πŸ™‚

  8. morning πŸ˜‰
    so do we have any news ? whats the work progress ?

    • So the main person behind getting libCEC into a usable state is dushmaniac (the guy behind xbmc-pvr) here is what he said very early this morning:

      right, it needs some more fixes. it’ll be published tomorrow

      Tomorrow = Today

  9. its nice to have this adapter at home but without this working software is pretty useless πŸ˜‰
    So its almost end of the day and still no info orupdates ?
    What’s happend ?
    Would be nice to have something to start with,even if its buggy πŸ˜‰ betta test or so …

  10. Join us at #pulse-eight on and you will get it shortly!

  11. Great device! I have a few questions before I buy one…

    1) I use Cat6 baluns to send HDMI to my TV over the fireplace will this CEC adapter work with this balun? By the standards this balun should be wired with the CEC wire right?

    2) Will this work as an input device on the HTPC meaning that the arrow keys and 0-9 or whatever could be used in any application? If not is there support for Windows Media Center in addition to XBMC?

    3) Does this work on Windows 7 64bit?

    • No idea regarding that extender, there are 19 wires in HDMI cables, your only pushing at most 16 of them through those 2 ports on the adapter, so something is missing, my guess is the ethernet cable, cec cable and possibly ground.

      You can connect this adapter close to the TV and then just run a long USB cable back to your PC instead.

      You can use your TV remote as an input device to XBMC but not to the entire HTPC, there is planned WMCE support but it has not been implemented yet.

      Yes it will work on windows 64bit, in terms of drivers

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