[RESOLVED] Website down due to 1and1 worldwide outage


It seems that bad luck continues to plague us here at Pulse-Eight, while shipping out items today we have been hit with an outage by 1and1, this has resulted in us being unable to process some of our orders, we will endeavour to work round this problem, however up to date shipping details are important to us and our development website does not have all of these.

You may find that your item is shown as dispatched tomorrow when in fact it left today, this is due to the outage.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Our packages website continues to be up for those using our Pulse software

We will continue to add updates on our twitter page as we get them: www.twitter.com/pulse_eight


2 Responses to “[RESOLVED] Website down due to 1and1 worldwide outage”

  1. 1 MarketMeSuite (@MarketMeSuite)

    They recently posted that they are hoping to get it up asap. Can’t believe it took nearly 90 minutes for them to post one tweet.

  2. 16h34 : Almost 2 hours of outage by now and no clear reason given concerning the origin of this issue and the delay needed to resolve it.

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