Nyxboard Hybrid’s are shipping!


Today we received a shipment of Nyxboard Hybrids, a few got damaged on the way over (11 units) but we have more arriving tomorrow.

Royal Mail and TNT have been and made collections from our warehouse today and we will continue ship out over the next few hours.

We hope those receiving theirs tomorrow and this week enjoy it and let us know either via the forums or through the product review section on the website.


Pulse-Eight Team


36 Responses to “Nyxboard Hybrid’s are shipping!”

  1. 1 LTourist

    Finally !!!
    Hope the order status takes some time to be refreshed. Mine is still marked as “Not shipped yet” ! ^^

  2. It’s probably in our back log and will be changed shortly as we get to it!

  3. 3 Josh Hattersley

    Might you be able to tell us the order number you reach with today’s shipments so we have an idea as to progress? Pretty please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Excited to finally experience this remote!

    • We got to #133 by the time our collection time hit. We are working over night and tomorrow and will hit at least #450 maybe higher

      • 5 LTourist

        Well, that’s a good news. Mine should be at home soon so ! ๐Ÿ˜€
        Working days and nights to ship them off ?! Common guys, we’re not that unpatient ! I won’t appreciate to do it myself, so I can’t support that you’re actually doing it.

        Anyway, it is probably done by done. So : Thanks !

  4. 6 Bill

    I’m number 500 odd – does this means I’m waiting for the next shipment?

    • Some people have ordered more than 1, and we received 11 damaged, more are en-route and working their way through TNT’s network

  5. 8 damo

    what number are you up to guys? I’m 600 and something ;[

  6. 9 Christoff

    My status is not updated, #157. What is your current order number??

  7. 11 Nick

    How are you shipping? Next business day? Got my shipment confirmation yesterday ….. was hoping for delivery today.

    • Where are you living? if your in the UK you should have it today, if your outside the UK then it might take a couple of days

      • 13 Nick

        I’m in the UK. Do you have any tracking numbers for the orders, or did you post via RM?

  8. 17 milovoo

    This is very exciting!

    What shipping method is it for “US Shipping”?

    I want to track the package to get it as soon as possible.

    • Sorry when you ordered we were not very specific, this is more specific to new orders, but its still the same

      International Signed For, via Royal Mail then en-routed to USPS, if you can’t access your tracking number email us with your order number and we will dig it out

    • 19 milovoo

      Ah, I figured it out.

  9. 20 milovoo

    Ah, I figured it out


    • 21 Branko Jambrosic

      I am #487 will I get email from u guys when its shipped and where are u in terms of orders with shipping and how do I track my order.
      Thank you.

      • Yes, you will get a tracking number which you can use on Track and Trace services on the royal mail website and your local ground courier’s site

  10. 23 neoflexx

    we are you on the shipping process ? I am number #423

  11. 24 hubbub

    Hi Martin,

    Would you be able to provide a running update on where you are with the order queue? While I fully appreciate you can’t reply to every “My number is #xxx…” request, it’s clear that a number of your customers are keen to know how close they are to receiving their order. Given that there have been significant delays (not your fault but still delays to your customers), and we have in general been very patient and understanding, I think it’s the least you could do. Lets face it, everyone has waited this long so even if the news is that we’ll have to wait a little longer I don’t believe you’ll have any cancellations.

    Thanks. hubbub

    • Yup I understand that it’s frustrating, we reached #407 today, and we also shipped #410-412 and #415-#412 and #423-427

      The reason’s for these gaps is our delivery time is 4:30pm local time, by 4:00pm we had reached #407 and we have to leave ourselves a little bit of time to print out a manifest for the day’s orders and a bit of ‘housekeeping’ etc

      Non EU destined packages take considerably longer to process as we have to fill in customs declerations, so in order to ship as many as possible I made the call to ship a few extra EU packages and then catch up with the ‘international’ shipments tomorrow, given that a US shipment should reach the customer on Monday regardless if its shipped on a Thursday or a Friday.

      I hope you can understand my reasoning and don’t grate me for it!

      We got an update from Motorola also, they are still struggling to produce due to some additional complexity with the item (don’t ask what it is, because I don’t know the specifics), 200 more are due to leave HK tomorrow instead of 1000, and there is a holiday next week pushing things back slightly.

      We also have some units which have been damaged due to poor packaging (the NYXboards were shipped in pallet boxes instead of air freight boxes) and we are awaiting new packaging before we dispatch them.

  12. 26 Willy

    I am sure that by now some customers in the EU would have received their Nyxboard Hybrids. It would be great to get a few more reviews of the product. I assume these customers will be putting the remotes through their paces over the weekend, so hopefully we will see some reviews early next week.

  13. 27 Jon


    I’m order 222 and I received the confirmation email, but when I follow the link in he email I’m asked to login but when I choose to reset my password it says my emaill is not found.

    How else can I get tracking info?

  14. Just got my remote today, it’s much smaller than I expected and so far it’s responding much better than my previous RF media remote. Thanks so much.

  15. 30 Filip

    I finally received mine today and can not get it working on my Shuttle XS35GTV2 running Openelec from USB stick… I have checked the control and it’s giving me the single flash green light as it should once the batteries are installed but in regards to actually controlling my XBMC it’s a no go. I have restarted the Shuttle with and without keyboard plugged in but there’s no difference. Is there anything I need to do that I am unaware of to make it work?

    • 31 Filip

      I take my leave towards the house of shame… I was just too eager to get it started and didn’t look at the manual that states clearly that the “MC/TV” should flash red when in RF-mode…
      Since it flashed green when the batteries were inserted I just figured green was the default (ie RF-mode). Which when I actually took the time to read the manual (perhaps I should have spent time doing that instead of posting here) was not the case.
      So sorry about my rushed post and hope I didn’t concern any potential new buyers with this post.

      I do have one question and that is regarding the rattling sound inside the remote. Is that just the part telling the remote which side is up and down? It sounds a little like something’s broken and gotten loose inside.

  16. 33 Cloom

    I just got it today as well and I also thought the noise inside was something broken but then I figured it out. Sometimes it is getting a little bit stuck when I turn the remote but nothing really bothering so far.
    This is my first IR programmable remote and that is so cool!! I can now replace the wiimote I was using for XBMC, the TV remote control, the amplifier remote control and my keyboard+mouse set although typing on the keyboard of the NYXboard is not really easy.
    So far I like it very much!

  17. 35 damo

    ffffuuuuuu– mine still says not shipped

    • 36 damo

      what a co-incidence, i just got an email ;] thanks

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