Running XBMC on an ATV 2? Now you can get a better remote!


Since we announced the NYXboard Hybrid back in April this year we’ve been aware that it does not work on the Apple TV2, this is due to a lack of a USB port for the RF dongle to connect to.

After many months of development we are pleased to announce our own Bluetooth Micro Keyboard. Not only that, it is our first remote/keyboard to be fully back lit!

Supported in practically any modern operating system, bluetooth is synomous with reliability and ease of connectivity. We’ve tested this keyboard on a jailbroken ATV2 and it works great (although the track pad is not available due to no mouse support in ATV2)

If you are looking for a better keyboard that what is available on our NYXboard Hybrid then this might be what you need. With larger keys and a full keyboard, you can truly take control of your HTPC from your armchair.

Range is also something many of our customers are concerned about and you should have little problem with over 15m of line of sight range, and still good responsiveness through interior walls.

An ATV2 is just one of the many use cases for our Bluetooth Micro Keyboard, it works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac and Android based devices.

We hope you like it and would love to know what you think of it when you get your hands on one!


2 Responses to “Running XBMC on an ATV 2? Now you can get a better remote!”

  1. 1 Harley

    No simple remote buttons on its backside if you flip it over like with NYXboard Hybrid or Boxee Box remote?

    Whay I would like is something more similar to the Boxee Box remote but bluetooth, backlit keyboard buttons would just be a bonus.

    • 2 Jon

      Looks a lot like the old Rii keyboards, I.e. just a keyboard nothing on the other side

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