Free Shipping Weekend!


From now until Monday Evening we are offering free ground shipping on everything!


2 Responses to “Free Shipping Weekend!”

  1. 1 Willy Gadney

    Is this offer available to destinations anywhere in the world?

    I live in South Africa.

    I have been holding out on ordering due to the range issues that many customers seem to be complaining about and the scratches on some of the remote controls, but this is a good offer and I am considering taking the risk.

    • 2 Willy Gadney

      I decided to go ahead and order 3 of the remote controls for myself and 2 friends.

      I hope the range issues and scratches were only a problem with the first batches off the production line.

      Will make sure to write a review as soon as I had the chance to put the remote through its paces.

      Now the wait starts for the release of XBMC Eden as I believe that the remote will work better with Eden than with Dharma.

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