PulseOS v1.1.1 now available


If your running one of our PulseBoxes, then great news, version 1.1.1 is now available, an automatic update should be available to your system, changes since version 1 include:

* Fixed: Issues with audio not available on all outputs at the same time

* Added: System reset feature

* Added: USB – CEC Adapter Support

Please note these builds are only available for users of our PulseBox customers, however OpenELEC+Pulse builds (generic OpenELEC builds with our custom XBMC implementation) are available on our packages website.


2 Responses to “PulseOS v1.1.1 now available”

  1. 1 Bill

    Is there any difference between te pulseOS and the openELEC + Pulse builds?

  2. 2 JoWa

    is the pulseOS also available for users who own only the barebone of the pulsebox? if so, where can one get it?

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