v0.8 libCEC now available


Pulse-Eight is proud to announce that version 0.8 of libCEC is now available, this version builds upon the first major release (v0.7) which was included in XBMC.

Changes have been made to both improve stability and support for more devices. We have also worked on improving the communication between our USB – CEC Adapter and XBMC so that additional features can be added much more quickly.

We have added the following new methods:

    * GetDevicePowerStatus()/cec_get_device_power_status()
    * GetDeviceVendorId()/cec_get_device_vendor_id()
    * GetDeviceMenuLanguage()/cec_get_device_menu_language()
    * GetDeviceCecVersion()/cec_get_device_cec_version()
We have also added the ability for the adapter to enter monitoring mode, whereby the device will not response to any requests and instead just listen to traffic on the bus.
We have added additional logging facility so users of the cec-client can filter the debug log.
Vendor specific support has started, with the addition of Anynet and Simplink detection and specific command support for those protocols.
If you are using libCEC with XBMC, then XBMC will receive this update in the next couple of days, our own builds of XBMC already include v0.8 of libCEC available on our packages website

4 Responses to “v0.8 libCEC now available”

  1. 1 michal b.

    Do you plan to update openelec based packages too?

  2. the OpenELEC team will grab the updates soon I am sure

  3. 3 Raffstein

    Glad to Hear about Simplink Support, My device has been sitting idle for a while now…

    • We want to support as many devices as possible, so please help us by providing a debug log so we can fix support!

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