NYXboard out of stock, more on the way!


Due to amazing demand for the NYXboard we have run out! Motorola are building new units and we hope to have more before Christmas. Unlike before we have decided not to take back orders until we have a firm delivery date.

Until then we still have our USB – CEC Adapter and our alternative Bluetooth Micro Keyboard available.


18 Responses to “NYXboard out of stock, more on the way!”

  1. 1 Gadnex

    Any news yet on possible fixes for the range issue and left click issue?

    Hopefully the new batch of Nyxboards will address these issues.

  2. 3 Branko Jambrosic

    I have a remote I like it but is there any way to ALT-TAB on it.

  3. 5 Harley

    Will this batch come with the new dongle without range issues too? 🙂

  4. Where should I sent a message to if I am looking for a replacement to fix the left button issue?

  5. 8 Aaron

    I’ve been trying to find out if I can program this to work on my Motorola HDDVR, looked everywhere but I can’t find any info on it. ?

    I’ve also got a Samsung 3D Plasma, 3D Blu-Ray and will soon have an XBox 360, and I want the perfect remote to control them all…with a QWERTY Keyboard.
    So yeah, does anyone have any info on the DVR compatibility?

    • program in what way? if you have a support question you can email support@pulse-eight.com

      • 10 Aaron

        I meant can it be programmed to use on my Motorola HDDVR, like learning the commands for FF, REW, Rec, Play&Pause, Channel, Guide, Menu. If I can teach it and use the IR for my DVR (and everything else), I’ll buy this asap…
        Speaking of that, it’s December 1st, so any news/hints on when you might be getting more in stock? 🙂

  6. 13 Lucas

    Any news regarding this?

  7. 15 Austin

    Any news on when these are going to be back in stock? Thanks

    I use XBMC on OS X 10.7 and bluetooth has been problematic, particularly with the Sony BD remote, due to bugs in the OS. So am looking for a non-BT solution ideally, hence looking at the NYXboard

    • We got some new unit’s this week, which are going out to various customers who purchased the previous batch and experienced issues, we have more units arriving early Feb which will be available for general sale.

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