libCEC Updates


If your already using our USB – CEC Adapter then you know just how revolutionary this technology is to your HTPC set up. As more people provide feedback about what works and doesn’t work with each vendor’s take on the CEC Standard we are accessing more and more of the feature set available in CEC.

Some of the most recent changes we have made to libCEC are:

* .net Framework Wrapper

* ‘simple client’ accessed via the -s switch on cec-client

* Partial support for SimpLink devices

* deck control

* Logical Address auto detection

* Vendor detection for Panasonic and Pioneer devices

* Improved support for Windows COM port detection


We continue to add more features on a near daily basis and will get the latest changes into Eden before XBMC’s next release, after we will supply updater apps that will allow you to get access to improved versions of libCEC while sticking with the stable version of XBMC


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