libCEC 1.3 released

Yamaha Receiver

Now supporting Receivers!

Well, it’s been a month since 1.2 was released, and in that time our lead developer Lars has been hard at work with libCEC 1.3. We’ve now added full support for LG’s Simplink, as well as adding or extending support for Philips, Yamaha, and Onkyo products.

As has been promised, libCEC 1.3 now supports all the major aspects of your home theater system with the addition of A/V receiver volume and mute controls.  For those keeping track, XBMC can now control your TV and your Receiver’s audio. Your TV can now control XBMC.  For the final step in the circle, in the upcoming libCEC 1.4, your Receiver will be able to control the audio of XBMC.

In order to use these new controls in XBMC, you will need to use a patched version of the media center software. The most recent OpenELEC nightlies starting in about two days will work. For Windows users, please use:

While it didn’t quite make this version, a great deal of additional work has been put into supporting Ubuntu Hardy, which will be of great benefit to Apple TV 1 users. Expect sometime next week for 1.3.1 to drop. At that time, the USB CEC Adapter should work with the ATV1, though, as usual with the ATV1, some tinkering will likely be required. When 1.3.1 ships, we’ll update on the process to enable everything.

Beyond XBMC, libCEC 1.3 marks the introduction of a C++ CLR Wrapper, which will allow the USB CEC Adapter to speak with a variety of programs written in .NET, including Windows Media Center and MediaPortal. With luck, you can expect to hear more news along these lines at some point in the future.

In addition to these major feature additions, a long list of fixes and other changes have been incorporated into libCEC 1.3. To see the list in its entirety, feel free to check out:

Now, to get your hands on 1.3….

Windows users:

Install libCEC from here

After installation, you will need to copy libcec.dll from the default install folder /Program Files/libCEC  to the destination /Program Files/XBMC/system/ and everything should work.

Linux users:

Add to your list of PPAs. libCEC should update automatically for you.

Now get to downloading! And, if you’ve got any problems, either with installing or using your Adapter, feel free to ask in the forums.


4 Responses to “libCEC 1.3 released”

  1. 1 Alex

    Hey guys, would love to see libCEC supporting Pioneer AV’s like mine too.
    I have a VSX-921.

  2. 3 Typhoe

    That’s great!

    I’ll test that as soon as a new built is available in

    I still have problems with my Onkyo TX-NR3008 so, I hope that’ll help solve them!

    Thank you for your work!

  3. 4 amoce

    When will be xbmc build compatible with libcec1.3 available?

    I have xbmc version 2:11.0-pvr+p8~git20111111.28637ff-0ubuntu1~stable55~natty and it crashes few moments after starting with libcec1.3. I have to downgrade to 1.2 version.

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