USB – CEC Adapters in stock and shipping!


After a busy christmas and unexpected high demand for our USB – CEC Adapter we now have new stock, for those who pre-ordered over the past few weeks, these are being shipped this week and should be with you early next week.

If you do not receive a dispatched notification right away, we are sorry but due to the high number ordered it is taking a while for us to package and dispatch each one. We expect the backlog to be completed over the next 24 – 48 hours.

If you’ve been waiting for this to come back into stock now is the time to order!


10 Responses to “USB – CEC Adapters in stock and shipping!”

  1. 1 Harley

    Great! Does this adapter batch come with the same firmware version as the previous batches?

    Also, can the firmware on this one be flashed and upgraded to future newer versions by normal end-users if and when such firmwares upgrades are released?

  2. 3 Harley

    Would you consider adding support for other third-party manufacturers CEC chips/modules that are not yourselves to libCEC so that software application developers such as XBMC and MythTV do not have to add different CEC libraries?

    I am first of all thinking about embedded systems which already have a CEC chip integrated for the HDMI and thus do not need an external USB CEC adapter, like for example Solid-Run’s CuBox and the upcoming Google TV boxes which use different Marvell Armada SoC’s that are all have integrated TDA19988 HDMI transmitter by NXP Semiconductors Caen for CEC

    • I wonder, what is the motivation for the developer to do that? Im not usb cec developer and did not post this on behalf of them. Having said that, i think pulse eight should have a page describing hardware compatibility of usb cec. If people bought usb cec and found out that the hardware that they own are not supported, imagine their response. Excuses like device manufacturer doesnt follow cec standard to the letter are not acceptable. It is acceptable if you explicitly stated that “require hardware that follows cec standard to the letter”, but you(pulse eight) dont.

      • We have stated, that if a manufacturer claims to support CEC but our adapter does not work, we will update our library to work around their broken implementation. It is impossible both practically and financially for us to purchase every make and model of TV on the market and/or engage with every manufacturer to pre-test our adapter on all of their product lines both current and historical.

        Instead our mantra is simple, if the TV claims it can support CEC and we see data coming on the CEC line from the TV we will endeavour to support it, but we will need a bit of debug information and patience from you.

        For the vast majority of customers this support already exists and it is only very old TVs and fringe brands that are likely to run into this issue of lack of support

  3. We would accept any patches to the library made by other people or companies, but we have no plans to go and develop the support ourselves at this time

  4. 9 QuestionSir

    Did you ship any adapter yet? My order number is between 1500 – 2000 which should mean that I get a CEC adapter but I still got no mail 😦

    • all outstanding orders will be dispatched on the 23rd of Jan, if you don’t get a confirmation by the end of the day, email support

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