NYXboard Hybrid available from 5th March, Pre-order Now!


We have good news, that the Motorola NYXboard Hybrid will be back in stock from the 5th of March. If you missed out during our first batch last year, now is your chance to grab the perfect remote for your HTPC system.

For those who experienced or reported problems with the first batch, Motorola have revised the internal hardware to prevent these issues from happening and improved the range and battery life considerably.


17 Responses to “NYXboard Hybrid available from 5th March, Pre-order Now!”

  1. Does that mean that you are going to wait till March 5th to send out replacements for the defective units?

  2. 6 Jon

    so we should be returning our original ones now?

    • You should be emailing support@pulse-eight.com to begin the RMA process

      • 8 Jon

        ok. I will email again, a few months ago we were told to wait or to get a refund. Would have been nice to have been told about the new batch in January rather than made to wait until March, but as long as this one works

        • We got confirmation today that new remote’s are coming and we are happy with the quality after internal testing, we’re letting everyone know as soon as possible, some customers had raised tickets and we have shipped out units from our internal tests but we had a limited quantity to do so.

          • 10 Gadnex

            I am glad to hear that Pulse-eight is happy with the quality after internal testing. Could you please confirm whether both the range issues and left click issues have been resolved?

            I would really like to begin with the RMA process on my remotes, but not until I get some specific supplier or user feedback that these problems have indeed been addressed.

        • P.S: It is January, we are giving as much notice as possible.

  3. We believe and are confident that both left click and range issues have been resolved

  4. 13 drewy

    I’ve been trying to get a email response out of you guys for some weeks now. Been waiting since the 14th Dec for Martin to get back to me 😦

    • I usually reply to my email’s as quickly as possible, i’ve just checked and each time you email, I’ve been replying has my replies been hitting your spam filter?

      • 15 drewy

        don’t think so, the test message you sent last night came through OK and I replied. If I hear no more by email today I’ll ring you tomorrow.

  5. 16 Gadnex

    Any news on the arrival of the 5 March batch of Nyxboards?

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