Wake on USB with our CEC Adapter


We are pleased to announce that we are in final testing of our new version 2 firmware for our USB – CEC Adapter, with this update it will allow users to wake / boot their system via the adapter from your TV.

This is a major change in our firmware and we are pleased to be able to bring it to all of our existing and future customers at no extra charge. However in order to be 100% sure that it works reliably first time and every time we are looking for existing customers who would be willing to work with us to provide additional testing.

If you are interested in getting access to our beta version of our v2 firmware then please email betatest@pulse-eight.com with your Original Order number and the make/model of your TV that you are using our CEC Adapter with.

Based on this information we will reply to you over the next few days to let you know if you have been accepted. We want to make sure we get a wide range of users with different set ups to ensure that everything works as well as possible.

We look forward to releasing our v2 firmware along side libCEC v1.6 in the coming weeks.


Pulse-Eight Team


9 Responses to “Wake on USB with our CEC Adapter”

  1. 1 Typhoe

    Great, email sent 🙂

  2. 2 Brian

    Major update where I will benefit major from. Since my HTPC is behind my tv, and accessing is a bit tricky. I now still use the IR-adapter and the HTPC-remote. Will I now finally get rid of those, brilliant!

  3. 3 Harley

    Are there any other new features in libCEC v1.6 too?

    • We are hoping to publish a roadmap in due course, all of our effort on v1.6 is focused around wake on USB and any bug fixes that we can resolve during this time

  4. 7 Jeff K.

    Any update on Windows Media Center support? I need to use WMC because of CableCard (copy-protected channels) in the United States. Thanks!

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