Announcing libCEC v1.5 and the road ahead


Pulse-Eight is pleased to announce the release of libCEC v1.5, this release brings together our development team’s work over the last several weeks enhancing our vendor specific support for LG devices.

If you have an LG TV you might already be feeling the benefit with out latest PulseOS releases, if not and you own an LG TV you can now expect a much fuller experience from our USB – CEC Adapter. As you may or may not be aware, LG’s own support for SimpLink (their name for CEC) can be buggy at best, we have done our best to work round these flaws and we can now say with confidence that you will get a seemless ‘ON’ experience from turning your XBMC installation on, right through to your TV automatically switching on and selecting the correct source.

Within XBMC, we’ve been busy making enhancements too, to make it easier to understand the settings in the Peripherals menu, we’ve replaced Power Up TV with “Make XBMC the active source when starting up” this we hope makes it clear what is going to happen and will reduce a few support questions we get.

Furthermore we’ve improved the granularity in which devices can be powered up or shut down, instead of only controlling one device, you can effectively script a series of devices to wake or sleep when XBMC starts or shut’s down, this can be great if you only use your AVR for XBMC and take advantage of its standby pass through option at other times.

Another gripe people had been we would blindly issue a standby command when XBMC was shutting down, but it was not the active source, we’ve fixed this as it was rightly getting on a few people’s nerves!

libCEC v1.5 is available now and is in your favourite flavours of XBMC already. As always for the best experience grab our maintained packages at for the best CEC support.

As has been hinted already, v1.6 will bring together months of hard work and culminate in the release of our v2 firmware, this will allow you to wake the pc from your TV or other device over CEC. We’re pretty psyched about this new feature and we are keen to get it into the hands of our beta testers (who have not yet been informed)

Following on from that, v1.7 is our planned version for our TCP daemon and windows media center support. Allowing users of that media center platform to take advantage of our adapter.


9 Responses to “Announcing libCEC v1.5 and the road ahead”

  1. Cool, good to have a version number on the TCP daemon – that’s the bit I’m looking forward to 🙂

  2. 2 Harley

    Looking forward to new CEC enhancements in pre XBMC 12 “Frodo” 🙂

    Have you guys tested your CEC adapters with any video projectors yet? :/

    I am thinking about buying a 3D projector such as Epson EH-TW5900 or Optoma HD33

    Your CEC adapter could be a perfect home automation companion for home cinema 😉

    • We have no firm testing with Projectors, although happy to support them, if you want to get one and provide us with a debug log.we can implement support

  3. 4 Harley

    Could the TCP daemon version version of libcec maybe run on an ARM or MIPS router running OpenWrt and such?

    If so then you could connect the CEC adapter to the USB port of your router and have it connect to your TV, then have your HTPC running a other room via a 10-meter HDMI cable?

    • Why that ? You can just plug the CEC adapter to your HTPC, It does not need to be next to your TV.
      HTPC hdmiadapterTV
      HTPC USB<——┘

      • 6 Harley

        Then I would run wireless video 🙂

  4. 7 ramouch0

    Nice to ear that you fixed the shutdown when not active source. It was really annoying, I’ve disabled the shutdown option just because of that. 😀

  5. 8 Cheule

    Sorry to be thick – but just to clarify – I’d need an HDMI equipped graphics card too? Currently I’m connected to my tv using the VGA port on the back.

    • in theory its possible, but in reality you would need HDMI or DVI out from your graphics card

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